Monday, October 29, 2012

A New Week, A New List

To Do List for October 29 - November 2:
  • Finish grand baby's halloween costume
  • Work on Christmas presents
  • Start priming newly installed drywall
  • Make final decision on paint colors
  • Pick up some coffee mugs for project
  • Finish "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work
  • Finish reading atleast one book (hopefully 2)
  • Do something nice for myself
  • Walk 2 times (weather permitting)
  • Have a happy birthday


  1. Hope you have a happy birthday too!!


  2. Hi Beckey!! Ahh, Christmas shopping. Love this time of year. :-)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I'm singing, your probably glad you can't hear me! ;-)

    I have my guest post ready for you, but I can't find your email. Will you send it to me at Thanks! Xoxo

    1. Not really shopping yet. Working on handmade gifts for now. I am so excited about the guest posts!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Can't wait to see how the grandbaby's costume turns out :)

    1. Thanks. You're not belated - it hasn't even happened yet! :0)


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