Friday, June 20, 2014


Redecorating her old room.  Patching walls to prepare for painting.  Tedious work.  Filling small holes.  Seems like hundreds (thousands?) of them per wall.  A little frustrating.

Until I realize - each nail hole, each prick from a push pin, each anchor you pull from the wall -  represents another stage of her childhood.

Disney pictures.
Boy band and movie heartthrob photos ripped from magazines.
Pictures with friends.
Drama club flyers.
Posters from the year she "discovered" the Beatles.

Each passing age with its own symbolswere once pinned on these walls.  Leaving their mark.

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  1. We are in the beginning stages of updating kids' rooms. It was so difficult to go from baby stage to little boy (sigh). I know it's inevitable, but does it ever pull at a mama's heartstrings! Visiting from CMB linkup.

  2. Oh, tears...I'm so there in remembering. 6 months until it all comes down. But I am trying to smile at the memories and remember she's 10 minutes away. ha!

  3. What a beautiful way of looking at holes! Visiting you from Fellowship Fridays :-)


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