Three Things: I could read over and over again

I'm known to be a bit of a reader.  (I'm also known to understate things a tiny bit from time to time) 

Reading has been a HUGE part of my life ever since I was a kid.  I love to lose myself in a good book.  I would spend most of my days reading - all day, every day if that were actually possible.  (wait... is there a job for that? If anyone has an opening with a job description like that - let me know!  'Cause I would totally rock that!)

I always say I don't like to answer questions about my favorite books.  It's just too hard to pick a favorite book.  I have loved so many different ones over the years.  And yet... here I am writing a post about three things I could read over and over.  Painting myself into a corner of sorts.  Because honestly, there are probably hundreds of books I would read again.  And there are quite a few I have read twice - or more - in my lifetime.  These are simply three that came to mind:

1) The Time Traveler's Wife (by Audrey Niffenegger): There aren't many books I can say made me cry.  Real, tears running down my cheeks, heart aching kind of cry.  But this one did. The story is just so beautiful.  And so sad.  The day I finished the book, I closed it, and immediately thought..."Yes.  That book would be on my Top Ten list"  When I first read it, I had a borrowed library copy.  I had to go buy my own to keep!

2) Unglued (by Lysa TerKeurst): Just being real here... I probably NEED to read this book over and over.  And over again.  This is a fantastic book about breaking the habits of stuffing down our emotions, or letting them explode all over ourselves and others.  Controlling your emotions instead of letting them control you.  And having more godly reactions to circumstances and other people.  When I read the first page, I was pretty sure Mrs TerKeurst had been sneaking around spying on my family!

3) To Kill A Mockingbird (by Lee Harper): I mean because, c'mon.. it's To.Kill. A. Mockingbird.  This is one of those novels I have probably read at least 5 times.  I love the story.  I love the movie.  It's a classic!

And because I just HAVE to do it: Honorable mentions would go to "Gone With the Wind", "Island of the Blue Dolphins", "The Great Gatsby", "The Other Boleyn Girl", "One Thousand Gifts", "Charlotte's Web", "A Thousand Splendid Suns"... and so many others!!

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  1. Some of these are new to me and others I could (and have) read over again.

    The ones I would (or have) read over again:
    `Unglued`, `Island of the Blue Dolphins`, `One Thousand Gifts`, `Charlotte's Web`

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!!

    1. I'm so happy to find someone else who has read Island of the Blue Dolphins! I loved that book as a girl and read it SOOO many times!

  2. One of the things I will be doing now that the munchkins are back in school is read without interruption. Yea, right...who am I kidding?? I'll be interrupted, but by golly I plan on picking up some really good books! Thanks for the recommendations!! :)

  3. Great list! Unglued sounds interesting. Adding that to my Nook. One of my faves is The Four Agreements.

  4. Love The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, Anne Frank - all could be read an endless amount of times!

  5. I love The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Charlotte's Web too. There are few in there that I haven't read that I guess I need to check out. Thanks!!


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