Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from the banks

Day 1:  (Sunday June 27) Long, loooong drive out to the coast.  Takes as long to drive the length of NC as to drive from NC to FL.  Saw Dolphins while crossing bridge from the mainland to Roanoke Island.  The condo is fabulous with great views of the pool and the beach.   Managed to lock ourselves out when we went to get groceries. And the replacement key they brought us didn't work.  It was a little stressful, but we got to talk to a nice lady from the rental office and get some local info while we waited. 

Day Two:  (Monday June 28)  Spend the entire day on the beach.  So relaxing.  Water is freezing!  Saw several dolphins swimming past our little section of sand.  The male child got a new body board and enjoyed playing on that most of the day.  Had dinner at Awful Arthur's. 

Day 3: (Tuesday June 29)  Morning on the beach.  Afternoon at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island.  Small but nice aquarium.  And we got in free with our zoo membership, which made it even better.  Chris was going to buy me some beautiful sea glass earrings, but we didn't realize until after we were 1/2 way back to the condo that the girl at the gift store didn't ring them up and get them in our bad.  :(   Storms this afternoon with lots of crazy lightening.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

Day 4:  (Wednesday June 3)  Drove down the coast and took the ferry to Okracoke Island.  Saw the lighthouse, had lunch at The Jolly Roger, and just strolled around a little.  Stopped at Hatteras Lighthouse on the way back to the condo. 

Day 4: (Thursday July 1)  Another Day on the beach.  And nothing but..  It was fabulous!!  I was so relaxed and content.  Dinner at Goombay's. 

Day 5:  (Friday July 2)  The family was a little pink, so we spent the day away from the beach.  The household princess and I did some souvenir shopping, while the males played putt-putt and rode bumper cars.  The male child did swim in the pool a little just before sunset.

Day 6:  (Saturday July 3)  Last full day at the Outerbanks.  Spend the whole day beachin' it.  Swimming, playing, sunning, and The Domestic Goddess's man did a lot of surf fishing.  It was a great way to spend the last day in paradise.  There was one mishap when I hit a wrong button on the camera and accidently deleted a lot of pictures.  All the photos from Okracoke were gone, and most from Hatteras. 

Day 7:  (Sunday July 7)  I got up early to see the sun rise over the Atlantic.  I will miss the sun, the surf, the sand, and all the rest and relaxing.  So long Outerbanks.  Hello real life.


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