Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Inspiration: The True Measure

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites: Spice Things Up!

Happy first Friday of Summer 2017!!  Which means it's time for things to heat up.  In honor of that, I'm highlighting a few of my favorite spicy things today. Despite the fact that I prefer things a little more mild.

1.  Pacqui Tortilla Chips

"Pacqui" is the Aztec word meaning "to be happy".  And these chips certainly do make me happy!! No GMOs, no MSG, no gluten, and no trans-fats.  The entire family likes the nacho cheese.   The Man of the House enjoys the Ghost Pepper variety.  (and is eagerly awaiting the return of the Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge)  While I'm crazy for the Cool Salsa Verde.  Yum!

2. Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack

This is my very favorite chicken restaurant here in town.  I stick to the plain, but the Man of the House has conquered their XXhot.  🔥  And the sides are extra yummy.  Especially the fried okra and pimento cheese grits!

3.  Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

A blend of cinnamon and sweet orange gives this tea the perfect blend of... well, sweetness and spice.  I was introduced to this by my youngest sister and it is one of my two favorite teas.  It's available in black tea or green.  Both are delicious.  (also available in regular or decaffeinated)

Do you like things spicy, or more on the mild side?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"It's OK" Thursday #2

Today is "It's OK" Thursday!   This is our chance to acknowledge all those things that would probably never make an appearance on your Pinterest boards, but in the grand scheme of things are, well...  OK.

It's OK that I have been feeling a little "off" all week.

It's OK that I overcooked more than a dozen hard boiled eggs when I forgot them on the stove

It's OK to take a nap at 3 in the afternoon, even though there are a million things that I should be doing.

It's OK to wish for one day where I can sleep in and have absolutely nothing that needs to be done

It's OK that I can't seem to find any cute sandals that don't leave my feet achey at the end of the day

Also...  It's OK that I almost forgot to post this today!

Now it's your turn! Add your own "It's OK" Thursday post to the link up!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Let It Begin With Me

It makes my heart hurt. 

Everywhere you turn, it seems as if people are...  well...  one big bunch of angry, hurtful, hateful beings.

Being rude to each other in traffic and crowds. 

Posting terribly mean things about others online and calling it free speech.

We consider anyone with an opposing viewpoints or opinions to be ignorant, close-minded, or just plain evil.

We turn our backs on those we see as different or less-than.

Police shooting people.  People shooting police.

Shooting into groups of people for their political beliefs or religious beliefs or sexual orientation (or just because...)

Driving vehicles through crowds.

Blowing up young people just trying to enjoy an evening of music.


The hate has to stop.  It has to begin with each and every one of us.  We ALL have to be nicer to each other.   Kinder.  More understanding, patient, and tolerant. I realize that's a major over-simplification.  We aren't going to stop the violence, the terrorism, and the wars overnight just by being a little nicer to each other.

But it HAS to start somewhere.

If each and every one of us was active and intentional about being kind, tolerant, and patient.  More forgiving - what sort of change might we start seeing in the state of the world?

I know...  I hear you thinking it.  I've thought it myself.  "But they don't deserve kindness! They are so _____! "

Don't do it because they deserve it.  Do it because it's the right thing to do.  Do it to set the example.  Do it because it has to start somewhere.

  • Rethink before you post that snarky tweet or that negative comment.
  • The next time you want to point out what someone is doing wrong, instead point out something positive you have seen.
  • Bite your tongue.  
  • Pray for someone you disagree with or someone who has hurt you. 
  • Look for opportunities to be kind.  To show patience. 
  • Forgive someone.  Whether or not they have asked for it.  Whether or not they deserve it or not.

It's like the old saying - "Be the change you want to see in the world."  We can't change the entire world.  But we can each change our little piece of it.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

"It's OK" Thursday #1

It's that time of the week...

"It's OK" Thursday!   This is our chance to acknowledge all those things that would probably never make an appearance on your Pinterest boards, but in the grand scheme of things are, well...  OK.

It's OK that I have been meaning to make the same meal for the past three days, but keep forgetting to prepare the crockpot to start it in time.

It's OK that I removed the polish from my fingers and toes last weekend - and still haven't repainted them

It's OK that I thought there are three weeks left in June - when there are only two!

It's OK that Cleveland lost the NBA Finals

It's OK not to have any clue what I'm doing for The Man of the House for Father's Day (or my dad either, for that matter)

Now it's your turn!  Share your "It's OK' post below:


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