Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today was a rough day.

It started out well enough.  Good morning.  Ready for work in time to leave a little early.  A beautiful view of the sunrise.  Another view of sunlight lighting up the side of a mountain.  It was looking like a good one.  Then I was robbed. 


I made a quick stop at Wally-world on the way to work.  We are putting together a gift basket for a co-worker who recently had a knee replacement and I wanted to pick up a little something to add to it.  While I was in there, someone else was helping themselves to a gift of my tote bag.  I don't know what they were hoping to get.  Maybe he thought was going to score a laptop, or an iPad, or some other electronic goodie.  Unfortunately for him, there was nothing in the bag that would be of much value to your average thief.  A few pens, some paper clips, a bag of roasted almonds, some work papers.  The bag is even monogrammed, so unless someone happened to have the same initials as I do - even the bag isn't much good to them.  Tough luck buddy.

As soon as I got back in the car I realized the bag was gone, and got stressed.  I got back out of the car, went back in the store, asked for security, called the husband, called work, called the police.  Went back to the car and cried while I waited for the police to show up.  I even walked the parking lot looking into the trashcans located at each cart corral hoping maybe they had ditched the bag there. 

According to Walmart's security cameras, the creeper was sitting in his car when I pulled into the parking lot.  As soon as I got in my car and went inside, he pulled over next to my car, got into my car and took my bag.  Then pulled back to his original spot, and sat there.  He was there when I came out.  While I realized the bag was gone.  When I walked back inside to make my calls and report the incident to security, he got out and walked inside the store. Then you see him come out, get in his car, and leave.  Which means he walked right by me at least once, if not twice, while I was in the foyer area making calls.  And honestly that creeps me out as much as the entire rest of the situation. 

Fortunately while I was waiting for the police officer to show up, someone from the office called me.  A local business owner had found my bag sitting in his parking lot just then as he came into to open for the day.   There were flyers with my work number in the bag, so he called to let someone know he had found their bag.  So I got the bag, and all its contents back in the end.  While security, and the police department, have the thief and his car on film. 

I suppose it's a case of "all's well that ends well".  But I still feel a little shaken by the whole thing.  Feels like a good night for a glass of wine.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cheer To All Whos, Far and Near

I have a confession...

I love all those Christmas specials meant for the kids.  Adore them.  They may very well be my favorite part of the season!  Christmas is not complete for me unless I can indulge myself in episodes of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and The Year Without a Santa Claus. 

I actually feel a little giddy when I see those shows pop up on the television listings.  I feel like a kid again!  I watch the TV guide like a hawk, making note of when each one is airing.  This year is even better because thanks to the joy of DVR, I can record and watch them whenever I want.  As many times as I want!  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Of all the Christmas specials - my very favorite is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  Not that cheesy, twisted movie version.  The classic.  The cartoon version from 1966 narrated by Boris Karloff.  The "real" Grinch.

There's just something about that grumpy, mean, Christmas stealing ol' Grinch.  With his too tight shoes, and his head not screwed on just right.  Little Cindy Lou Who (who was no more than two).  Poor little Max.  And that moment when the Grinch feels the true meaning of Christmas come through and he finds the strength of *ten* Grinches, plus two!  Who doesn't get all warm and fuzzy feeling when the Grinch's small heart grows three sizes that day? 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's been a busy, busy day in my kitchen so far this afternoon.  I'm trying to get as much done as possible today.  That way I can relax tomorrow, snuggle on the couch with The Man of the House, and watch some football while the smell of roasting turkey fills the house. 

Pumpkin pies are in the oven.  The house is smelling delicious!  There is something so comforting and homey about the smell of baking cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  Who needs a Glade plug-in when you can have the smell of baking pie?  Cherry pie will be following closely behind.

Sweet potato casserole is pre-made and in the fridge.  All ready for baking and a topping of toasted marshmallows tomorrow.

Green bean casserole is ready to go.  Thank you Paula Deen!  No more boring, bland green bean casserole around here! 

My mouth is already watering.  And there are over 24 hours until dinner tomorrow!

(Paula Deen's Green Bean Casserole recipe

Counting My Blessings

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." - Willie Nelson

I am thankful for The Man of the House.  For his love, his kindness, his patience, his strength.

I am thankful for my children.  And for my grandson, who I will meet in the new year.

I am thankful for my sisters.

I am thankful for my parents.

I am thankful for my friends.  Those I have known for years; and for those recently come into my life.

I am thankful that we have enough food on our table.

I am thankful that I have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

I am thankful for the roof over our heads.

I am thankful that The Man of the House and I both have jobs in a time when so many do not.

I am thankful for a God who is forgiving and full of Grace.

I am thankful for books to read.  And for my Nook, which puts so many of them at my fingertips.

I am thankful for the beauty of nature around me.

I am thankful for red wine.  And white.

I am thankful for all my coupons and the money they help me save for my family's needs.

I am thankful for music.  For the joy of singing out at the top of my lungs.  (even though others might be thankful if I did not. HA!)

I am thankful for laughter.  Especially the laughter of my children.

I am thankful for the strength of my husband's arms to hold me when I feel tired or weak.

I am thankful for coffee.

I am thankful The Man of the House is willing to kill spiders for me.

I am thankful for days when I learn something new about myself or the world around me.

I am thankful for quiet times of rest and thoughtfulness.

I am thankful for mustaches.  The fake ones that make me laugh.  And the real one that tickles me when I kiss The Man of the House.

I am thankful

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raising Payne

My kids are crazy.  I know where they get it from, and they come by it honestly.  Look where they came from.  Could they turn out any other way? 

They are also amazing.  They make me laugh.  Frustrate me.  Make me want to pull my hair out.  Fill me with pride.  They make every single day an adventure.  I never know what to expect from either one of them.

The Princess is smart.  She is funny.  She is beautiful.  She has gorgeous blue-gray eyes.  And she is so full of potential.  I see this incredible young woman and I think what an honor it has been to see her grow from the little baby girl from so many years ago. 

The Little Man is silly.  He's hilarious.  His mind can catch onto a concept like a steel trap.  Or zip from thought to thought with the speed of light.  And he is growing up so fast it makes my head spin.  I can only imagine the things life has ahead for him.

I feel so lucky to be mother to these two remarkable people!  Two blessings that have brought so much joy into my life.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucky In Love

I consider myself very fortunate to have married the man of my dreams 19 years ago.  I'll never understand exactly how I got so lucky, but I know The Man of the House is one of the great blessings in my life.

He is a kind, generous, loving man. He is a good provider for our family. He is strong. He is funny. He is smart. He is gentle. He is supportive.  He is patient.  He constantly amazes me with the things he can repair, replace, or make.  He taught me to love football.  And on top of all that - he's one handsome hottie of a man!

Honestly, I don't know why he has put up with me for 19 years. I know I haven't always been a good wife.  But for what ever reason - he still loves me. And I love him all the more for that.

He is the love of my life - and I am incredibly thankful to have him in my life!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Isn't Just A Day

My head is already spinning with thoughts of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.  Oh, the pumpkin pie.  Mmmmm...  Oops, sorry.  I got distracted.  It's just that it's that time of year again.  When food and feasting becomes a big focus for many of us.  

We spend days, or weeks, planning.  Will we stay home, or visit friends or family?   What will we prepare? 

We  spend hours, or days, preparing.  Baking, boiling, roasting, mixing, blending, mashing.

Me?  I even spend time thinking about the leftovers.  The turkey sandwiches.  The way that pumpkin pie always seems to taste even better the day after Thanksgiving day.  I'm almost as excited about the leftovers as I am about the initial meal.

It's easy to get completely wrapped up in the yummy-ness of the holiday.  And just focus our thoughts and attentions to the meal.   Which - let's face it - is pretty darn good stuff!   But I don't want to forget the other good stuff.   The "thanks giving" part.  I want to be grateful.  I want to look at my life and realize the many blessings I have been given.  The people I love.  The people that love me, surround me, support me, and cherish me.   The "stuff" I have, which is far beyond meeting just the basic needs of life.

I want to take a while to indulge myself in all that I have been given and really appreciate it.  In that vein of thinking - many of my posts for the next week will be just that.  A celebration of the many things I have to be thankful for. 

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day” - Robert Caspar Lintner

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Little Letters

You know the ones.  Those three little letters that rule the world.  Or at least the moods of many, many women throughout the world.   And by ruling the moods of all those women - in the ever present trickle down affect they also rule the lives of many men around the world as well.  Or anyone else that comes into the circle of those three little letters.

Yep - I'm talking PMS here people.  And believe me when I tell you that it has been one of "those" days...

Today I have been Irritable.  Annoyed.  Frustrated.  Grumpy.  Broody.  Peevish.  Over sensitive.  Surly.  Exasperated.  Testy.  Down-right cantankerous!  And reading back over this I now realize I have made myself sound like a grumpy old man!  HA!!

I was in a "not right for work" frame of mind.  As every little thing caused me to fight the urge to rip into someone.  And I think I get extra points for biting my tongue and avoiding conflict by hiding in the chart room for a portion of the day. I mean... um... by working on filing in the chart room.  Yeh... that's right.

And heaven help the person that tries to get between me, some chocolate, and a glass of wine later this evening! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Tough Bird

These are the eggs I gathered from The Girls yesterday:

As you can see, one is significantly larger than the other.  For reference - the smaller egg is on the small side.  About a small to medium sized commercial egg.  While the larger one... well...  it's big!  I think I have an overachiever on my hands! HA! 

And yes - you can imagine the jokes that have breezed through the family regarding the state of the chicken which laid the egg in question.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Snowball's Chance

It's not a big thing.  But for whatever reason it bothers me.  A LOT!

There's this DayQuil commercial on television featuring Drew Brees - quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  Or maybe it's a commercial for NyQuil.  The exact product isn't the important part.  The point is that it shows him running in different weather elements.  One of which is a heavy snowfall. 

Um, WHAT?? 

Now, I know I'm not by any means an expert on the weather down there in the Big Easy.  But I feel pretty sure that heavy snowfall is NOT a common meteorological feature down along the Gulf Coast.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Foggy Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

"This Moment" is a ritual I found through  Just My Thoughts  By way of Pamanner's Blog, via Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama.  Check out their blogs, and if you are moved too, please leave a link to your Moment in the comment box below

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Pounds

Ten pounds.  They say that's about how much the human head weighs, somewhere between eight to twelve pounds.  Today I am convinced mine weighs far more.  Fifteen, or twenty maybe? 

It's a result of the cold which has me in its grip today.

All the sinus pressure and pain making my poor little head feel twice as big as normal.  The pounding, which intensifies every time the coughing comes on.  The tiny explosions behind my eyes and cheekbones every time I sneeze.  Add to all this the scratchy throat and the general "hit by a truck feeling". 

It doesn't make for a happy me. 

So, if you will forgive me - I plan to cut this short.   Head back to the couch, take some of the NyQuil the Princess just picked up for me, watch some TV or read a little.  And maybe even get some sleep once the medication kicks in.

Happy Thursday y'all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

TB Testimony

Nope, sorry vampire fans.  This time "TB" does not stand for "True Blood".  This time of year it stands for "tuberculosis".

That's because this time every year my gracious employer bestows upon me a free TB test.  Happy, happy birthday to me!!  This is one gift I would very much like to return, or exchange.  Or at the very least maybe re gift it?

This birthday month ritual used to be simpler.  A phone call to make an appointment with employee health.  A flight of stairs up.  Done, and done.  No more...  Now it involves a trip across down to the immunizations office.  Taking a number.  Sitting for 40 minutes until my number is called.  Filling out some paperwork.  Sitting for another 15 minutes until my name is finally called.  All this so someone can stick a needle into my forearm. 

And of course, 3 days later the entire process again - minus the needle prick - to have the results checked. 

I can think of more pleasant ways to spend a few hours out of my birthday month.  Doing almost anything!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Trip to World Market

Why must you tempt me...
     With your colorful pillows,
          bright window coverings,
               unique furnishings,
                    charming table settings,
                         various kitchen gadgets and gizmos,
                              world-traveled candies and snack foods,
                                   and assortment of wines.  Oh... the wines.

You have found my weakness.
          I purchase... again.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life Is Like A Game of Football

Every once in a while I get into a completely cheesy philosophical state of mind.  Today is one of those times. 

As I was doing some cleaning around the house, listening to college football playing in the background I starting thinking about how a football game is a sort of metaphor for life.  Yeah, yeah... I can already hear the eyes rolling as you read this.  But, hang in here with me as I explain.

We all have some goal we are trying to reach.  Just as the team in possession is trying to get into the end zone. 

There are always obstacles in our way, trying to impede our progress.  And sometimes we get knocked down - "tackled".

Sometimes we run toward the goal by ourselves.  Sometimes we have to pass the ball over to someone else for a while to get some help reaching our goal.

Sometimes we stumble so much we get off focus,  and we have to work to get back on track so we can start our progress again.  Just as when a football team doesn't get the 1st down and has to hand the ball over and work to get it back.

We may have to play defense at times.  Pushing back against something that is trying to turn us away from our goal.  Sending us backward, farther from the goal we are trying to reach.

Finally at the end of the struggle - we cross that line.  We make it to our goal.  Our own personal touchdown. 

The people that care for us are there to cheer us on through it all.  Although there will also be others there to root against us.

And if we overcome the obstacles.  If we meet enough of our goals - in the end we win the game.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Gloaming Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

"This Moment" is a ritual I found through  Just My Thoughts  By way of Pamanner's Blog, via Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama.  Check out their blogs, and if you are moved too, please leave a link to your Moment in the comment box below

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughts For Today

Today, I think I'll eat whatever I want for lunch - even if that's ice cream

Today, I think I will not stress over the laundry that didn't get done.

Today, I think I'll stand in the shower until the hot water runs out.

Today, I think I'll read a good book while I sip a cup of herbal tea.

Today, I think I will just take some time to watch the wind blow.

Today, I think I will allow "good enough" to be enough.

Today, I think I'll have a glass of wine.  Or two.

Today, I think I will sing if I feel like it.  No matter who may be listening.

Today, I think I shouldn't over think today!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Haunting We Will Go!

Vampires, zombies, and witches... oh MY! 

Trick or Treat time in our home is an adventure.  Even the grown ups play along!!

This year we had a little vampire, Alice in Wonderland, and a zombie. Escorting them through the neighborhoods were a vampy witch, a pirate wench, a pregnant hippie, and... well... I'm not sure what to call him.

Oh yes... Eat your heart out, ladies!  He's all mine! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back and Forth

Today is the day I take a few moments to reflect...

To look back at what has past, and to look ahead at what may come.

Where I have been, and where I still want to go.

What I have accomplished, and what I still want do.

How I have lived my life, and how I want to live it from this point forward.

The people and experiences I treasure and hold close.

A day to smile. 

To dream.

To enjoy.



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