Monday, November 7, 2011

TB Testimony

Nope, sorry vampire fans.  This time "TB" does not stand for "True Blood".  This time of year it stands for "tuberculosis".

That's because this time every year my gracious employer bestows upon me a free TB test.  Happy, happy birthday to me!!  This is one gift I would very much like to return, or exchange.  Or at the very least maybe re gift it?

This birthday month ritual used to be simpler.  A phone call to make an appointment with employee health.  A flight of stairs up.  Done, and done.  No more...  Now it involves a trip across down to the immunizations office.  Taking a number.  Sitting for 40 minutes until my number is called.  Filling out some paperwork.  Sitting for another 15 minutes until my name is finally called.  All this so someone can stick a needle into my forearm. 

And of course, 3 days later the entire process again - minus the needle prick - to have the results checked. 

I can think of more pleasant ways to spend a few hours out of my birthday month.  Doing almost anything!

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