Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Pounds

Ten pounds.  They say that's about how much the human head weighs, somewhere between eight to twelve pounds.  Today I am convinced mine weighs far more.  Fifteen, or twenty maybe? 

It's a result of the cold which has me in its grip today.

All the sinus pressure and pain making my poor little head feel twice as big as normal.  The pounding, which intensifies every time the coughing comes on.  The tiny explosions behind my eyes and cheekbones every time I sneeze.  Add to all this the scratchy throat and the general "hit by a truck feeling". 

It doesn't make for a happy me. 

So, if you will forgive me - I plan to cut this short.   Head back to the couch, take some of the NyQuil the Princess just picked up for me, watch some TV or read a little.  And maybe even get some sleep once the medication kicks in.

Happy Thursday y'all.

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