Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Little Letters

You know the ones.  Those three little letters that rule the world.  Or at least the moods of many, many women throughout the world.   And by ruling the moods of all those women - in the ever present trickle down affect they also rule the lives of many men around the world as well.  Or anyone else that comes into the circle of those three little letters.

Yep - I'm talking PMS here people.  And believe me when I tell you that it has been one of "those" days...

Today I have been Irritable.  Annoyed.  Frustrated.  Grumpy.  Broody.  Peevish.  Over sensitive.  Surly.  Exasperated.  Testy.  Down-right cantankerous!  And reading back over this I now realize I have made myself sound like a grumpy old man!  HA!!

I was in a "not right for work" frame of mind.  As every little thing caused me to fight the urge to rip into someone.  And I think I get extra points for biting my tongue and avoiding conflict by hiding in the chart room for a portion of the day. I mean... um... by working on filing in the chart room.  Yeh... that's right.

And heaven help the person that tries to get between me, some chocolate, and a glass of wine later this evening! 

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