Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raising Payne

My kids are crazy.  I know where they get it from, and they come by it honestly.  Look where they came from.  Could they turn out any other way? 

They are also amazing.  They make me laugh.  Frustrate me.  Make me want to pull my hair out.  Fill me with pride.  They make every single day an adventure.  I never know what to expect from either one of them.

The Princess is smart.  She is funny.  She is beautiful.  She has gorgeous blue-gray eyes.  And she is so full of potential.  I see this incredible young woman and I think what an honor it has been to see her grow from the little baby girl from so many years ago. 

The Little Man is silly.  He's hilarious.  His mind can catch onto a concept like a steel trap.  Or zip from thought to thought with the speed of light.  And he is growing up so fast it makes my head spin.  I can only imagine the things life has ahead for him.

I feel so lucky to be mother to these two remarkable people!  Two blessings that have brought so much joy into my life.

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