Thursday, March 31, 2011


In like a Lion..
Out like.... a freaking freezer???

Cold.  It's cold.  Damp, gray, and cold. 

Someone fix the calendar and let Mother Nature know it's the end of March, not February!  I think she's playing a little day-early April Fool's joke on us!


Some Days...

Some Days...

Some Days I just need a minute of stillness and silence.

Some Days I want to scream.

Some Days I need my husband's strong shoulder to cry on.

Some Days a girl needs her sisters.

Some Days  I long for the heat and sun of summer days.

Some Days I wish for the quiet and cold of a winter snow.

Some Days I want to keep busy.

Some Days I just want to sit and be lazy.

Some Days I want music I can sing loudly and want to dance.

Some Days I want music slow and sad.

Some Days I just want it
to be Some Other Day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Was Just Thinking...

I really have it quite good... 

I have a husband I love.  He's sexy.  He's handsome.  He's smart.  He's funny.  He's kind. He's forgiving.  And he's loving. He puts up with my moodiness and my quirkiness.  And he works his behind off to take care of me and our children. 

And speaking of children.  Mine are pretty awesome.  I don't think a single day goes by that at least one of them doesn't do or say something that makes me laugh.  I am constantly amazed by these two young people.

We have a good solid roof over our house.  We have enough to eat.  And for the most part, we are all healthy.

I have a few solid friends I know I can depend on for a laugh when times are good.  And a shoulder when times are rough. 

When I look at the world around me and see people struggling after losing their homes and their families....
When I think of my friends battling cancer and other illnesses... 
I have to look at all that I have and feel truly blessed.  And grateful.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

"Only YOU can prevent forest fires".  Smokey the Bear has been saying that to me for years, and I think it's time I come clean and be completely honest about this.  That is a hell of a lot of pressure!!  I mean really...   Only I can prevent them?  Really?  Really??  Why me?  I don't think I can take that sort of stress. 

And based solely on the number of forest fires reported in the news... apparently I'm not very good at it.  I just don't think I'm up to the challenge.  Maybe someone else would be better suited for this responsibility, Smokey.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

Lately I've been wondering how I could train our doggie to do house hold chores.  He insists on following me from room to room through out the day.  My constant companion as I go about cleaning and doing laundry.  And I often find myself saying to him "Unless you have learned how to fold (clean toilets, empty the dishwasher, make beds), I really don't need the company". 

It makes sense to me.  If he's going to continually be under foot, I think the least he could do is help out. It just seems fair.

Death of a Red-head

I've been embracing my inner red-head for several years now.  I have run the full spectrum.  Trying every shade from strawberry blond to deep auburn.  But recently I've gotten a wild hair (pun intended).  And yesterday I said good-bye to the flaming locks and hello to a new dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights. 

It turned out lighter than expected. And I'm still getting used to it.  There's a minor shock each time I glance in the mirror.  Maybe the red hair will be back soon, maybe not. But with spring just around the corner, it seemed like time for a change.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring has sprung!!

Today I had a yard full of robins. And I couldn't help but notice all the daffodils and forsythias in bright yellow bloom. And the whisper of green on the weeping willow trees. Spring is well on her way!!

Now we all eagerly await that true sign of spring. When the Domestic Diva pulls out her capri pants for the season. HA!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sushi, Cheesecake, Music, and Books...

The Domestic Diva and the Man of the House had a well deserved night out last night.

The night started with all the California Rolls, Philly Rolls, and Dragon Rolls this little lady could handle. Have I mentioned how much I love sushi? No? Oh, well... I love sushi! I don't eat it often, but when I do - gorging myself is NOT optional.

After that we headed over to Cedric's Tavern at Antler Hill Village on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate for drinks, dessert, and a little live music. Being 12 Month Passholders to the estate is nice, and I highly recommend it for locals if you enjoy visiting the house, gardens... or the winery. The musician of the evening was Aaron Lafalce. Dessert? Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake. Um, yeh... 'nuf said!! YUM!! Good beer, good cheesecake, good music. That's a recipe for a good night!!

A quick stop at Barnes & Noble. A quick stop at Brixx's for another drink. And then home.

A good time was had by all...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

She Rocks the Bangs!

A little over a week ago I took a deep breath, picked up the scissors, and ended up with something I haven't had in years... Bangs!!

I was a little nervous about doing this, but the result seems to be positive. I have gotten several compliments. The Man of the House says I look much younger. (Yes... He won SEVERAL points for that one!!)

And as an added bonus they hide those lines on my forehead that I have spent quite a bit of time moaning and obsessing over. All the while, fully realizing that all that frowning at the frown lines is probably only making them worse!

Miss Me?

The Domestic Diva has been taking a break from her computer recently. I was spending entirely TOO much time staring at the screen, rather than appreciating real life and what it has to offer. But fear not!! Posting will resume. I plan (hope?) to restart the 30 days of pictures feature in April. And in the meantime will keep everyone posted on what's happening in the household via blog posts.


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