Friday, August 31, 2012

Stuck in the Middle

I swore I'd never write a politically based blog post.  I was wrong. 

In a nation clearly divided down party lines, some of us are stuck here in the middle.  While the "conservative right" and the "liberal left" loudly spew venomous, hateful rhetoric at each other, the rest of us  are left feeling as if we have no voice in the political world. 

Both sides seem to be insisting that their ideals are not only the correct opinions but the only possible conclusion any intelligent person could come to once given the facts.  "Facts", in this case, being whatever statistics, poll results, or other blurbs of information that particular side has dug up and tossed at us.  The mouthpieces for each side seem to imply that if someone varies from their given stance on any given subject
that person is clearly an ignoramus incapable of thinking for one's self.  Great way to win over the swing voters!  Nothing brings people over to your side quite like telling them that if they don't think exactly the way you do they must be stupid or close-minded.

Where is the candidate for the Christian who also cares about human rights and the environment? The pro-lifer who believes improving the educational system should be a priority.  Someone who supports some of the changes made by "Obama-care", but also disagrees with parts of the bill.   The atheist gun-control supporter who thinks global warming is just a natural climatic change.  The middle class housewife who believes that the key to our financial future lies in both having the wealthy and big business pay more taxes and drastic cuts to government spending.  Or the pro-choice gun owner.  In my opinion it is the people standing on that middle ground who are truly the free thinkers, having weighed all sides and come up with their own, truly unique opinions rather than following some party line. 

Where is the candidate who speaks to us without talking down to us, demeaning us, or questioning our intelligence or integrity?   The one willing to take the best of ideas from both sides of the aisle and combines them for a unique, creative, and real solution to the problems our country faces.  Abraham Lincoln quoted the Bible when he said "a house divided against itself, that house cannot stand" (Mark 3:25)  That's what we are - a house divided.  Not by North and South as we were in Lincoln's day, but along party lines.  How long can we stand before things collapse even further?

And some of us will be right where we are now - caught in the middle.

Climbing Lighthouses

Each week for the Follow Friday Four Fill In Blog Hop (try saying that 3 times fast!) Feeling Beachie gives us four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.
Want to be featured as a Co-Host to the hop? Come up with four fill in’s of your own and email them to her at If she uses them, you get a nice little mention in that weeks hop! Please help her out and email some statements! This week’s co-host is Leslie from Time out for Mom she came up with the last two statements.

And, since Feeling Beachie is sharing her blog hop with us - it's only far that we share and share alike! So, be sure to tweet, facebook, etc about the Follow Friday blog hop. And add the little linky tool there at the bottom to your own blog if you participate!
This week’s statements: 1.I love to ___ but I hate to ___
2.__ makes a day better
3.They Didn’t Think I Could ______, But I Did
4.Warning: ______!

My Answers:

1. I love to have a clean house but I hate to clean

2. Starting the morning by reading my Bible makes a day better

3.They Didn’t Think I Could walk to the top of the lighthouse with my fear of heights, But I Did

4.Warning:  Sudden hormonal outbursts!

August Goals: End of Month Update

  • Start some canning and/or freezing! 
  • Take at least one hour of time for myself each week. Give myself a pedi, take a bubble bath, etc.
  • Start working on items to increase the inventory for Queen B's Busy Work  CHECK
  • Complete "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work  
  • Daily writing. Not blog stuff - fiction or poetry.  If I give myself a break and count all the writing I've been doing for the blog, I'm doing pretty good.  I have done a bit more in my writing journal this week. 
  • Look into getting a book for help with writing exercises and/or prompts CHECK (haven't found one I want yet, but I've been looking)
  • Schedule a date night with the man of the house.  CHECK 
  • Get The Little Man ready to go back to school.  CHECK
  • Get back on track with household chores. CHECK (getting there, slowly.  doing better with the little man being back in school)
  • Work on creating and organizing crafting area in office/guest room.  I've attempted to start on this a few times with every good intention.  But I get overwhelmed with it all and have a serious mental block on what's going to work

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 30

Another full week.  Life brings so many ups and downs.  But when I take time to look for the highs, somehow the lows don't seem quite so deep.  The blessings seem to increase all the time.

This week I am thankful for -

Healing:  The bite which was infected or having a very bad reaction is all but completely healed.  The little ulcerated sore is still there, but looks much better.  Except for a little irritation from the bandage adhesive, the redness is a thing of the past

Back To School:  Having the male offspring back in school makes my days feel much less cluttered and somehow.  Getting up a bit earlier I am finding I am getting a bit more accomplished each day.  Plus when I clean a room it mostly stays that way (until he gets home).

"God Things":  I don't even know what else to call it.  Answered prayers?  Surprise blessings?  Maybe. I don't want to go into a lot of detail; but take me at my word when I tell you that sometimes when you are pondering a problem - God will even use what may seem to us as the oddest things - even Google - to bring about an answer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Behaviour

What I wanted to eat for breakfast:
chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting and white chocolate curls

What I actually ate for breakfast:
Greek yogurt with frozen mixed berries
Yes, I am giving myself extra credit points for making that smart and healthy choice this morning.  But don't think for a second I'm not eating that cupcake at some point today.  It's calling my name.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's In A Name?

Oh, c'mon.  Seriously? 

Congratulations Grand Islands School District for protecting all those innocent children from "any instrument...that looks like a weapon," - including that little three year old's sign language name! Whew.. dodged that (nonexistent) bullet!

But wait!! His name is "Hunter"!! Why - that implies the use of weapons! And what if a kid named "Gunner" shows up to enroll? That's just screaming 'weapon'!! We should probably have them officially change the name all together. Geez. Is this what it's coming to? School officials really want to work "with the parents to come to the best solution we can for the child"? Let the kid keep his name!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hypochondria 2.0?

I've mentioned before that I have had to force myself to stop watching Dr. Oz because I end every episode convinced I have most, or all, of the symptoms for whatever disease/syndrome/infection/condition he was discussing on any given day. 

On the other hand, when I have real symptoms I tend to just blow the off or glaze over them.  I've thrown my back out I don't know how many times in the past couple of years, but I always grit my teeth and self treat with heat, ice, and ibuprofen instead of seeing a doctor or chiropractor about the situation.  I just assume in a few days the whole thing will be a memory.

But, this one has somewhere caught in the middle of the two.

It started with what I thought was a very itchy bug bite on my forearm near my elbow.  A little blister, which popped pretty quickly and scabbed over.  But then a new blister formed right beside the scab.  And popped.  Then another right at the outer edge of those. Which also popped. And every so often would leak a little clear fluid - you know in that way bites do sometimes.  Then last night it was itchy and red all around the scab.  This morning I woke up to this:

I don't think that's good.  It has me concerned.  A Dr. Oz level of concern.  My imagination is running wild with thoughts of MRSA or some flesh eating virus.  While the female off spring has me convinced that I have either a) been bitten by a brown recluse, or b) have West Nile Virus. 

The flip side of paranoia is that if I go to the doctor I will pay for an office visit to be told that it is a slightly infected bug bite - keep it clean and put hydrocortisone on it. 

As that internal debate rages, I cleaned it.  Put some hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial ointment on it, and am now sprouting a very stylish Star Wars band aid.

I think it looks a little better already. Don't you? (please say "yes")

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's A Girl To Do?

It's a busy week around here.  A transitional week.  School starts tomorrow.  Guitar lessons and Bible studies are gearing up.  But all the rest of the things that need to be done won't just go away to accommodate all the new things added to the calendar.  Too bad. 

Things To Do This Week:
  • Catch up on the laundry (have to make sure school clothes are clean and ready to wear!)
  • Clean up living room
  • Work on organizing craft area
  • Work on projects for Queen B's Busy Work
  • Finish at least one of the books I'm reading
  • Do some writing
  • Go to library
  • Organize coupons
  • edited to add:  Schedule yearly mammogram!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back To School Supplies

Every year I look forward to back to school shopping.  And not just because it means sending the offspring to school and having a full quiet hours to fill each day.  There's more to it than the anticipation of mommy time.  It's the new school supplies.

What is it about new school supplies? 

The spiral notebooks, and packs of new notebook filler paper seem to already hold the promise of anything and everything that might end up there.  Notes to be taken, and reports to be written.  Blank pages whisper with anticipation of the words to fill them in the coming months. 

Each pen and pencil eager to meet page.  To pour forth the wisdom , knowledge, and new skills to be learned this year.  New poems, short stories, and creative writing essays are there in your hand, ready to come to life. 

Colored pencils, markers, crayons, and glue sticks are there too.  Prepared to take part in the artistic expressions of students.   Standing ready for whatever educational project may be assigned. 

Oh... the new box of crayons.  I could go on for days about the simple joy of opening the box for the first time and seeing all those perfectly formed points peering back at you.  The distinctive waxy smell that only comes from this particular source and once smelled brings forth a flood of memories of new coloring books or the first day of kindergarten.  New crayons and I have a very special relationship. 

I think if we look deep down inside, many of us still wish someone would take us by the hand every August and lead us to the store to buy us a whole new supply of fresh school supplies.  Which is probably why I can never resist the urge to buy myself a new notebook or a fresh pack of pens when I purchase the items on the teacher's list of needed supplies for the year.

And yes, sometimes I even sneak in a fresh new box of crayons too. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 23

This week I am thankful for gentle reminders (or not so gentle ones).  I sat and stared at the blank page that was to be this post for so long this morning.  Struggling to find what to write.  This afternoon I got news that a dear friend has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer - and suddenly I was reminded of all I have to be grateful for.

My friend:  We met through work - first she was a client, and later became a co-worker.  She's funny.  And so encouraging and supportive.  She somehow always manages to see so perky and positive; no matter what seemed to be going on in her life.  Even as she gave me the news of her diagnosis and treatment status.  I feel badly that I have been so slack about staying in touch since I left work.  I keep thinking I need to call or email her, but somehow never do.

My health:  Nothing reminds you how blessed you are to be healthy like the health issues of someone close.  I got my reminder letter about my yearly mammogram this week.  You can believe I will calling to schedule THAT appointment asap!

The School Website:  In past years when the Princess was in high school, I was always frustrated with having to wait for the first day of school to get the list of needed supplies.  Today I was able to check out the individual page for each of The Little Man's teachers and get the list of supplies ahead of time.  Also found a few gems like the homework schedule and calendar of quizzes and tests for a couple of classes - which will come in handy when he comes home claiming he has no home work!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Probably Have Time

It was the first new car we ever bought.  She had served us well for over 18 years, but the time had come for her to retire.  We had to face the fact that she didn't run as well as she used to.  The days when the speedometer first read 100,000 miles could potentially be referred to as "the good old days".  And the big dent in the front driver's side testified that she had seen better days. 

We considered several options.  Junk her, or sell her for parts.  But in the end we decided to donate her to a charitable group and let her have one last act of benefiting a good cause; while we got the tax credit. A win - win arrangement.  Emails were sent, phone calls were placed, arrangements were made for her to be picked up.

The morning the tow truck was expected arrived.  The car would be picked up "sometime in the morning, before lunch time".  Not a very narrow window, but I was assured that the man of the house was to receive a phone call when they were on their way and he would let me know to expect them. 

I started about my day, and since it was still early and I had no message from the man of the house yet I decided I probably had time for a quick shower before the tow truck arrived.  After all, I could leave my phone on the bathroom counter where I would hear it.  If the man of the house called or texted, I would have time to wrap up the cleaning process and get dressed before they arrived.  That was a huge error in judgment.

Just as I put a nice thick coat of conditioner on my hair I heard the noise.  "Hmmm.  That sounds like a big truck"  I know that the garbage is picked up on Tuesdays in our neighborhood, so that couldn't explain the large truck sounds.  "No.  Oh no. It can't be!"  I leaned out of the shower and peeked through the window.  Oh yes, it can be!  There coming up the road was a flat bed truck!

I immediately went into panic mode.  No time to rinse the conditioner out of my hair!  I leaped from the shower, gave my phone a quick glance (no missed calls or waiting text messages) and grabbed a towel.  No.... no.  A towel is NOT going to cut it.  As I hastily dried, I glanced around the room at my possibilities.  No way I am answering the door in a robe.  PJ's?  Not much better. 

Feeling my anxiety growing, I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and threw them on; slipping my feet into some flip flops as I rushed to the front door to greet the tow truck driver.  No makeup.  Hair still wet and full of conditioner.  But it was better than the other immediate options.

Once I had given the driver the paperwork needed for the car, and made sure he had the keys; I trudged back through the wet grass in my flip flops and into the house.  Sent a text to the man of the house.  No, he hadn't been given the promised heads up that the truck was on the way either.  (sigh)

In the end, all was well.  The car was donated.  The possible worst of the embarrassment was avoided.  And a lesson was learned:

The next time you find yourself thinking "I probably have time for a quick shower before they get here." - DON'T!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I Blame Dr. Oz


Each week for the Follow Friday Four Fill In Blog Hop (try saying that 3 times fast!) Feeling Beachie gives us four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.

Want to be featured as a Co-Host to the hop? Come up with four fill in’s of your own and email them to her at If she uses them, you get a nice little mention in that weeks hop! Please help her out and email some statements! This week’s co-host is Janice from Janice’s Footsteps (she came up with the last two statements)

And, since Feeling Beachie is sharing her blog hop with us - it's only far that we share and share alike! So, be sure to tweet, facebook, etc about the Follow Friday blog hop. And add the little linky tool there at the bottom to your own blog if you participate!

This week’s statements:
1.I ___ so much __ in a day
2.I don’t like ____ but I love ___
3.When I watch_______ I ­­­­____
4.I have ________in my wallet.

My Responses:

1.I am pretty sure I drink so much coffee in a day that my blood is caffeinated
2.I don’t like swimming but I love the beach

3.When I watch Dr. Oz I ­­­­convince myself I have whatever disorder or disease he is talking about.  I've had to stop watching before I got something fatal.

4.I have no money in my wallet.

You Are That Temple

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple. ~ 1 Corinthians 3: 16-17

I love the image of ourselves as God's temples.  I think it goes right along with the concept people are getting of eating healthier, exercising, and taking better care of ourselves.  Think of all the beautiful churches, cathedrals, and temples around the world.  Some of them have stood for hundreds and hundreds of years.  A testimony to the strength and beauty of our Lord.  If we are the temple where the spirit of the Creator lives, don't we want to keep God's temple as strong and beautiful as possible?

I know it gives me a new perspective and inspires me to think of it in those terms!  Keeping God's temple, where His spirit lives, strong and healthy.

Maybe I should go for a walk or something.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 16

Digging deep to find the thankful this week!  Some weeks are more difficult than others.  But if you look enough, there's always good there somewhere.

Grace and Mercy:  When ever I start feeling down on myself it always helps to remember the grace which God has given to me.  He knows me for just who I am, and loves me despite all the things I do to get in the way of His plan for me.  The Man of the House, the Little Man, and I were all baptized Sunday afternoon.  Good ol' southern Baptist style - with a full dunk in a mountain lake.  It was grand and God is good!

Fridays:  And tomorrow is one of them.  Yah!  :0)

Chocolate covered pretzels:  Just... Yum! 

Trying to Be Creative

I'm trying to be creative.  Feels like my brain is a bit stagnant right now.  Ugh...  Anyway.  While my writing is going no where fast at the moment, I keep plugging along waiting for the inspiration to strike.  And in the quiet time, I am working on some new items for Queen B's Busy Work.

Small Crochet Tote Bag in blue & purple

Crocheted Baby Pumpkin/Autumn Hat

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doubt and Anxiety

Doubt and anxiety are eating me alive today.

I thought quitting my paying job was the right decision.  It wasn't a choice I made lightly.  I agonized over it.  I prayed and prayed over it.  I thought that was the right path for the next phase of my life. I would stay home, have my little Etsy shop, take care of my family and manage my home - and all would be right with the world. It all seemed so clear.

Now things are fuzzy.

As we look into the face of expense after unexpected expense my anxiety increases. Queen B's Busy Work isn't buzzing, it's crawling along on it's best days. The items I took to the consignment store still sit on display, unsold. Instead of the bright sunny future I pictured as I made plans, things are looking tight, grim and bleak.

I have a gnawing, nagging, nauseous feeling in my gut. I am doubting myself and the choices I have made in the past year.  I feel guilty for not having a steady income coming in like I used to. I find myself wondering if I should go apply for a part time job - any part time job.  I am beating myself up for leaving my previous job. 

This isn't the way it was supposed to be.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: August 9

Blessings came in so many forms this week.  It's hard to know where to begin or to pick just three to highlight this week!

  1. Unexpected Gifts: I don't know if it's good or bad that I can still find myself surprised at the kindness and generosity of others.
  2. Queen B's Busy Work:  2 new orders!
  3. Unglued:  Although after reading chapter one of Lysa TerKeurst's new book, I am pretty sure she has cameras hidden in my house watching my every move - I am still enjoying it.  I was disappointed when I found it was not in stock when I went to the store to pick it up.  But blessed when I arrived home to find it gifted to me as part of #1!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Searching For My Gold

Like much of the world population (or at least the U.S. population), I have spent hours and hours viewing the various Olympic events over the past week.  I'm starting to get a little bleary eyed and delirious from staying up far past my bedtime to see our gymnasts, swimmers, and runners.  And in that muddled brain state I begin having dreams of my own Olympic gold.

I'm not completely delusional yet.  I don't imagine myself biking cross country, or swimming a 400m IM, or doing a stunning balance beam routine and nailing the dismount in a way that sends the crowd to their feet.  Although that chick sitting in the front of the boat telling the rowers to "stroke"?  Yeh - I think I could master that.  Maybe.  I'm good at telling people what to do.  Just ask my kids.

But after careful consideration of my general lack of athleticism, I have come up with my own  "Olympics - Home Edition".

That's right.  Olympics for the home maker.  Events in cooking, cleaning, general home and family management.  Medals for the every day heroes of family life.

I may be a medal contender in dishes.  Empty dishwasher, rinse dishes, load dishwasher.  I've got that routine down cold.  Gold might be a stretch, but silver is certainly within my reach.  Not today.  If the event were held today - I'd be lucky to squeeze by with a bronze.

I probably wouldn't even get past the quarter finals in laundry.  I'd take a terrible tumble off the pile of Mt. WashingToDo causing huge deductions.  An epic fail of  Feck proportions.  No coming back from that sort of disaster. 

And I am refusing to contend in Ironing at all.  I just can't see any good reason to do that to myself.  That would be like a runner trying to race in the pool.  Completely out of my element.

I would , of course, dominate in Clothesline Drying.  Watch me folks.  I would dazzle the judges and the crowds with my hanging skills and the speed with which I can remove the dry clothing from the line!

I'm already dreaming up other events and imagining myself up on the podium waving and smiling at my cheering, adoring family.  

Bathroom cleaning - GOLD!

Meal planning and cooking dinner - GOLD!

Grocery shopping and couponing - GOLD!

Vacuuming. Dusting. Sweeping and Mopping. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!  Oh, who am I kidding... probably Silver at best.

What event in the Olympics: Home Edition would win you a medal?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Me A Sec - I'll Think Of Something

(Note: I've started a few different postes today, but none of them feels quite right. I wrote this as a guest post back in April. To my knowledge it has not yet been used. Today, I am reclaiming custody of it and using it for lack of anything better. Melissa, I sincerely apologize for taking it back. If you need a guest post in the future I will gladly write something fresh and new)

It's an illness many crafty people can related to.  That uncontrollable urge to purchase more of the supplies for your particular hobby - despite the fact that you have more than enough to keep you busy for weeks months years. 
For me - it's yarn. 

It's easy to deny there's a problem here.  You justify picking up a few skeins on this day because it's a perfect color and you may not find it again.  Or it's on clearance which means it's being discontinued and you may not find it again.  Or you have the perfect thing in mind to make with it.  

Or... or... or...  Give me a sec - I'll think of something. 

Let's face it -It's hard to think clearly with visions of all the possible creations you can make with this gem which you simply must have. Which, of course, might never come to fruition, but still. 

Then the moment comes when you find yourself at the checkout at Michael's.  With 20 skeins of yarn in your little basket.  And the clerk says to you "What are you making?"  Your mind panics.  Spiraling out of control as you stare blankly at the lady behind the cash register. 

What am I making?  What am I making??  I can't tell her I'm not making anything in particular but rather buying all this just because it's on sale and I have a coupon which makes it a great deal.  Give me a sec - I'll think of something.   

"Oh, just some tote bags and stuff"  

Whew... nice cover up there.  Veeery smooth.  Embarrassing disaster avoided. 

It's easy to lie to yourself like that in the middle of a yarn collecting spree.  I finish my transaction and happily depart with my overflowing shopping bag. 

While daydreaming of turning said shopping bag into recycled material I can use to make reusable shopping bags - see, it's all part of the addiction.

So, what AM I going to make with all that yarn?  Or the bins full of yarn hiding under the crafting table right now? 

Give me a sec - I'll think of something.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What To Do

Another week is about to begin.  I'm still coping with the fact that it's no longer July, but already August. Time waits for no woman.  So, I must look at the week ahead and make a list of goals to accomplish.

Goals for August 6 - 10:
  • Write everyday
  • Finish current book
  • Go to library
  • Get the Little Man out of the house to do something at least one day this week
  • Finish current crochet project
  • Work on crafting workspace

What Are You Doing This Week?: UPDATE

I didn't think I had gotten much done this past week.  Then I took a second look at the To-Do list.

To Do List for July 30 - August 3

  • Can some homemade salsa Not so much.  Not at all actually.
  • Go to library Done.
  • Finish at least one more of the library books I already have Done!
  • Start next crochet project for Etsy shop DONE!!
Three out of four!  It was actually a pretty good week!  GO ME!! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cruising with Ripe Peaches and Flat Abs

Each week Feeling Beachie gives us four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.

Want to be featured as a Co-Host to the hop? Come up with four fill in’s of your own and email them to her at If she uses them, you get a nice little mention in that weeks hop! Please help her out and email some statements!  This week’s co-host is Jen from what would jen do (she came up with the last two statements)
And, since Feeling Beachie is sharing her blog hop with us - it's only far that we share and share alike! So, be sure to tweet, facebook, etc about the Follow Friday blog hop. And add the little linky tool there at the bottom to your own blog if you participate!

This week’s statements:

1.I have no desire ___
2.I love the smell of ___because____
3.I wish that my ___________ would magically_________
4.In one month I ____________

And now... without further ado (was there "ado" to start with?) - MY FILL-IS!

1.I have no desire to go on a cruise.  The idea of being out in the middle of the ocean with land no where in sight does not make me happy!  Have you not heard of the Titanic?  Yes, I know there are no ice burgs in the Caribbean.  Doesn't matter.

2.I love the smell of ripe peaches because it feels like summer

3.I wish that my abs and arms  would magically become tone and tight.

4.In one month I will probably be just as behind as I am now!

Thankful A Day Late

Oops!  I let Thursday get away from me without posting my Thankful Thursday post!  That's OK.  I can be thankful on Friday also.  :0)

Thankful Thursday: August 2 (which is really Aug.3)
  • Ask and You Shall Receive!:  When I posted my list of August goals, I mentioned planning a date night with the man of the house.  No sooner had my fingers hit "Publish" than I got an email saying he was happy to help achieve that goal and suggesting Saturday 
  • Date Night!:   (see above!)
  • Olympic Gold:  and silver, and bronze.  And all the rest of the athletes.  I'm an Olympic size geek!  I love watching the competitions.   I love learning the names of the athletes and watching sports I would never watch any other time during the 4 years between Olympics.  And yes, I get misty eyed every time an American stands on the podium and they play they Star Spangled banner. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eighth Month

The 8th month of the year has arrived.  The other months silently slipping away before I realized what was happening and this one taking their place.  August!  How is it August already?  August means the end of summer is close.  It means back to school.  And once that happens, the rest of the year is just a blur.  August.  Wow.

I'm still trying to get a hold of the idea that July is over.  What happened it?  Where did the time go?  Looking back over my goals for that month, I realize that I accomplished a few of them.  Some got a bit of attention, but not as much as I had planned.  And several of them - meh...I'll try to convince myself it's the thought that counts or some other comforting cliche'.

For now, it's on to a new month, and a new set of goals.  Some carry over from July.  Some are fresh for August.

August Goals:

  1. Start some canning and/or freezing!
  2. Take at least one hour of time for myself each week. Give myself a pedi, take a bubble bath, etc., less processed foods. 
  3. Start working on items to increase the inventory for Queen B's Busy Work
  4. Complete "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work 
  5. Daily writing. Not blog stuff - fiction or poetry.
  6. Look into getting a book for help with writing exercises and/or prompts
  7. Schedule a date night with the man of the house.
  8. Get The Little Man ready to go back to school.
  9. Get back on track with household chores.
  10. Work on creating and organizing crafting area in office/guest room.


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