Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 23

This week I am thankful for gentle reminders (or not so gentle ones).  I sat and stared at the blank page that was to be this post for so long this morning.  Struggling to find what to write.  This afternoon I got news that a dear friend has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer - and suddenly I was reminded of all I have to be grateful for.

My friend:  We met through work - first she was a client, and later became a co-worker.  She's funny.  And so encouraging and supportive.  She somehow always manages to see so perky and positive; no matter what seemed to be going on in her life.  Even as she gave me the news of her diagnosis and treatment status.  I feel badly that I have been so slack about staying in touch since I left work.  I keep thinking I need to call or email her, but somehow never do.

My health:  Nothing reminds you how blessed you are to be healthy like the health issues of someone close.  I got my reminder letter about my yearly mammogram this week.  You can believe I will calling to schedule THAT appointment asap!

The School Website:  In past years when the Princess was in high school, I was always frustrated with having to wait for the first day of school to get the list of needed supplies.  Today I was able to check out the individual page for each of The Little Man's teachers and get the list of supplies ahead of time.  Also found a few gems like the homework schedule and calendar of quizzes and tests for a couple of classes - which will come in handy when he comes home claiming he has no home work!


  1. Those are some good thankfuls, the schools having everything on the website does make it nice, years ago when we couldn't afford internet I was frustrated that they made it to where everything was online just get it online etc.. I couldn't I had to drag myself over in my sweats no make-up & ripped slippers (nah kidding I had shoes on lol) and ask the office for the info. I am prepared now and get it online in the comfort of my pj's.


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