Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 30

Another full week.  Life brings so many ups and downs.  But when I take time to look for the highs, somehow the lows don't seem quite so deep.  The blessings seem to increase all the time.

This week I am thankful for -

Healing:  The bite which was infected or having a very bad reaction is all but completely healed.  The little ulcerated sore is still there, but looks much better.  Except for a little irritation from the bandage adhesive, the redness is a thing of the past

Back To School:  Having the male offspring back in school makes my days feel much less cluttered and somehow.  Getting up a bit earlier I am finding I am getting a bit more accomplished each day.  Plus when I clean a room it mostly stays that way (until he gets home).

"God Things":  I don't even know what else to call it.  Answered prayers?  Surprise blessings?  Maybe. I don't want to go into a lot of detail; but take me at my word when I tell you that sometimes when you are pondering a problem - God will even use what may seem to us as the oddest things - even Google - to bring about an answer.

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