Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eighth Month

The 8th month of the year has arrived.  The other months silently slipping away before I realized what was happening and this one taking their place.  August!  How is it August already?  August means the end of summer is close.  It means back to school.  And once that happens, the rest of the year is just a blur.  August.  Wow.

I'm still trying to get a hold of the idea that July is over.  What happened it?  Where did the time go?  Looking back over my goals for that month, I realize that I accomplished a few of them.  Some got a bit of attention, but not as much as I had planned.  And several of them - meh...I'll try to convince myself it's the thought that counts or some other comforting cliche'.

For now, it's on to a new month, and a new set of goals.  Some carry over from July.  Some are fresh for August.

August Goals:

  1. Start some canning and/or freezing!
  2. Take at least one hour of time for myself each week. Give myself a pedi, take a bubble bath, etc., less processed foods. 
  3. Start working on items to increase the inventory for Queen B's Busy Work
  4. Complete "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work 
  5. Daily writing. Not blog stuff - fiction or poetry.
  6. Look into getting a book for help with writing exercises and/or prompts
  7. Schedule a date night with the man of the house.
  8. Get The Little Man ready to go back to school.
  9. Get back on track with household chores.
  10. Work on creating and organizing crafting area in office/guest room.


  1. It's incredible how time goes by. I honestly can't believe it's the eight month already. Wow!


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