Friday, August 3, 2012

Thankful A Day Late

Oops!  I let Thursday get away from me without posting my Thankful Thursday post!  That's OK.  I can be thankful on Friday also.  :0)

Thankful Thursday: August 2 (which is really Aug.3)
  • Ask and You Shall Receive!:  When I posted my list of August goals, I mentioned planning a date night with the man of the house.  No sooner had my fingers hit "Publish" than I got an email saying he was happy to help achieve that goal and suggesting Saturday 
  • Date Night!:   (see above!)
  • Olympic Gold:  and silver, and bronze.  And all the rest of the athletes.  I'm an Olympic size geek!  I love watching the competitions.   I love learning the names of the athletes and watching sports I would never watch any other time during the 4 years between Olympics.  And yes, I get misty eyed every time an American stands on the podium and they play they Star Spangled banner. 

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