Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Me A Sec - I'll Think Of Something

(Note: I've started a few different postes today, but none of them feels quite right. I wrote this as a guest post back in April. To my knowledge it has not yet been used. Today, I am reclaiming custody of it and using it for lack of anything better. Melissa, I sincerely apologize for taking it back. If you need a guest post in the future I will gladly write something fresh and new)

It's an illness many crafty people can related to.  That uncontrollable urge to purchase more of the supplies for your particular hobby - despite the fact that you have more than enough to keep you busy for weeks months years. 
For me - it's yarn. 

It's easy to deny there's a problem here.  You justify picking up a few skeins on this day because it's a perfect color and you may not find it again.  Or it's on clearance which means it's being discontinued and you may not find it again.  Or you have the perfect thing in mind to make with it.  

Or... or... or...  Give me a sec - I'll think of something. 

Let's face it -It's hard to think clearly with visions of all the possible creations you can make with this gem which you simply must have. Which, of course, might never come to fruition, but still. 

Then the moment comes when you find yourself at the checkout at Michael's.  With 20 skeins of yarn in your little basket.  And the clerk says to you "What are you making?"  Your mind panics.  Spiraling out of control as you stare blankly at the lady behind the cash register. 

What am I making?  What am I making??  I can't tell her I'm not making anything in particular but rather buying all this just because it's on sale and I have a coupon which makes it a great deal.  Give me a sec - I'll think of something.   

"Oh, just some tote bags and stuff"  

Whew... nice cover up there.  Veeery smooth.  Embarrassing disaster avoided. 

It's easy to lie to yourself like that in the middle of a yarn collecting spree.  I finish my transaction and happily depart with my overflowing shopping bag. 

While daydreaming of turning said shopping bag into recycled material I can use to make reusable shopping bags - see, it's all part of the addiction.

So, what AM I going to make with all that yarn?  Or the bins full of yarn hiding under the crafting table right now? 

Give me a sec - I'll think of something.


  1. Since I am a crafter, I totally relate. I have enough ribbon to wrap my state in a package! I have put an end to buying it for now as I have tubs of it. Stamps though, I can't stop. I just love them!

    1. I always say I'm not buying any more yarn until I use up some of what I have. And then....

  2. Been there done that girl...and just cleaned out a ton of art supplies and crafts collected over the years that I know now will NEVER be used. SO donated them around and poof, problem solved. And more room for new stuff. (Didn't say I had cured my addiction.) :D

    1. "And more room for new stuff.(Didn't say I had cured my addiction.)" LOL!!!!! :0)

  3. Hahaha!! So funny! I'm sure you'll put all of your crafting materials to use at some point... you just need a few minutes to figure it out.

    1. Exactly! ;0) I keep waiting for the time to come when I have plenty of time to sit and crochet with my endless supply of yarn


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