Friday, November 4, 2016

Currently... November

Yes.  I read it also... "November".  I'm just gonna sit right here and give y'all a minute for that one to soak in.  Because... November.  This year is going to be over before we know what happened!  But, I don't want to rush things.  Let's just take a moment and really look at where we are currently...

Reading:  The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman.  Which I am just about to finish.  After this it's back to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  I had started this one before, but hadn't finished it before it was due. Because there was a request I couldn't renew at the time.  Therefore it got put on the back burner until I could borrow it again.  I am also reading The Wizard of Oz with the grand kid during his afternoon rest time on the days I have him.

Eating: A lot of junkie food!  I have been very busy with orders for my Etsy shop lately.  And I have been stressed out about keeping up with that, as well as a few family things that have popped up.  Because of this, I have not been eating like I should.  Flavored coffee creamers or sodas to help me keep some very late nights.  Candy.  Donuts.  Some more candy.  Ugh... I have GOT to get back on track!!

Making: What haven't I been making?  Washcloths.  Football snuggly sets for newborns.  A baseball snuggly set.  Tiger hats.  Robot hats.  Washcloths.  Bath poufs.  Facial rounds.  More washcloths. Lip balm holders.  Did I mention washcloths?  As I said... I have been busy!!

Enjoying:  Time with the Man of the House!  Despite my busy schedule we made time to go to Biltmore, went to a concert, and out to dinner.  If it weren't for him, I  would probably be working myself too much without breaks and making myself crazier than I already am!

Anticipating:  The upcoming holiday season!  Seems like a no-brainer, right?  In fact, I kinda feel like right now you're wondering why I thought I even needed to say that.  Well, I did.  It's true.  Let's move on.  I am also looking forward to celebrating another anniversary with the Man of the House on the 21st.

Feeling:  A little tired and stressed out to be completely honest.  I am still working my way through a stack of orders for the shop and not making the sort of progress I want or need to see.  People don't seem to understand that when I say I'm busy, what I mean is "I'm busy".  I'm trying to single handedly run a small business here - and take care of my family.   And, of course, there are holiday plans to be made, which is only causing me anxiety at the moment.

What are you currently up to?  Share in the comments, or write your own "Currently" post and share the link!

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  1. Don't over work yourself. Glad you took time to spend with the hubby and no I'm not ready for the holidays just yet...ughhh! #BloggyBrunch


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