Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excuse me Victoria; but your secret is showing...

I used to be a big fan of Victoria's Secret. Used to be.

I used to think they were worth the extra cost. I liked the styles. I liked the fit. I liked how they held up. Now - not so much.

I think it all started when they discontinued the Angel's Uplift bra. Best. Bra. Ever. Perfect fit. Comfortable. Made the girls look pretty darn good, considering thier age and the fact that they were functional rather than ornamental for a few years. I mourned when I realized the Uplift was no longer available. Since then I have struggled to find another Victoria's Secret bra I like as well. And have yet to truly find one.

But the struggle doesn't end there. I am also disappointed in the quality of the products. The undies don't seem to hold thier shape like they used to. I have always liked the cotton panties. They used to last forever. Now I feel like I am constantly having to replace them.

And if ONE more bra pops an underwire on me, I can not be held responsible for my reaction. In the past year it has happened to atleast 4 of my Victoria's Secret bras. The style doesn't seem to matter. I've been poked by both the cotton bra and the Body by Victoria. And if there is one thing I ask of my bra (other than helping return the girls to thier original location) - it's that it not stab me in the breast as I go about my daily business!

I launder and care for the items just the way the company suggests. But they still don't hold up like they used to.

I'm really starting to think it's time to just move on. If I'm going to be constantly replacing undergarments and getting less quality anyway, I may as well pay a little less for the same thing.

So, there it is... my opinion. I think Victoria's Secret is out. And it's just not as impressive as it used to be.

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  1. have never been able to find anything except a passport holder in VS...but it does fit the passport well and is a cute girly looking pink...liked it so much I got my sisters one too! :D
    great post Beckey!


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