Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'll Be Home for Christmas... If Only In My Dreams

The holidays this year were... well, different. You see, I've gotten used to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my sisters. And this year for a variety of reasons, that didn't get to happen.

And while I had the truly important things here with me - my wonderful husband and the kids. And it was a nice calm, (white) Christmas. I still missed that time with my sisters. I missed the chaos. I missed watching my nieces open their presents. I missed all the laughter as we talk over each other while sharing some wine. And I even missed having someone to share the responsibility of making the dinner.

Fortunately, they'll be visiting next week and spending New Year's with me. So we'll make the best of that time together. We'll laugh. We'll tease each other. We may even argue a little bit. And we'll make some more memories for me to enjoy the next time I'm missing them.

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  1. My sisters are also my best friends Beckey and I cherish every time we are is a little bit manic and a lot like you describe but we solve the world's problems and laugh and cry and it is just the best place to be...

    Have fun with your sisters this weekend!


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