Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Deal of the Week

Hello... My name is... and I'm addicted to couponing.

It's true!  I love seeing how much I can take off that total at the end of a shopping trip.  And while I'm not in league with those folks on "Extreme Couponing"  (yet), I love a good bargain!  This week it was Target.  I enjoy couponing at Target because you can use one Target coupon, and one manufacturer's coupon on the same item - therefore increasing your savings. 

What sort of bargains did I pick up this week?

1 Nivea body wash:
regular cost - $3.04
manufacturer's coupon - $3.00
my cost - $0.04!

1 Nivea body wash:
regular cost - $2.54
manufacturer's coupon - $3.00
my cost - -$0.46 (yes!  negative! I actually made money on this one!)

2 packages Skittles candy: (for the Easter baskets)
regular cost - $1.38 ($0.69 each)
manufacturer's coupon - $1.00 off 2
my cost- $.038 ($0.19 each)

4 packs Orbits gum:
regular cost:  $3.96 ($0.99 each)
2 manufacturer's coupons: $1.00 off 2 packs
Target coupon: $.075 off 1 pack
my cost: $1.21 (about $0.30 each)

Glade scented oil refill twin pack:
regular cost: $4.99
manufacturer's coupon: $1.00
Target Coupon: $1.00
my cost: $2.99


  1. Those are great deals, but please don't turn into one of those lunatics from that show that seems to need 50 jars of Ragu in their garage!

    (got enough comments now? lol)

  2. I am also turning into a coupon nut! I have acquired quite a few things for free lately! and I agree - Target, Publix and CVS are the best, because they let you stack coupons!

  3. Kathy - I can't imagine having ONE can of Ragu in my pantry! Nevermind 50!! (shuddering at the thought!)

  4. Em - I hope this means you're putting all tose coupons I've sent you to good use!

  5. Beckey, that is EXACTLY what I said! LOL


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