Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Spirit of Gratitude: September 15

Y'all,  I have seriously been dragging my behind all week.  I have been feeling tired and a little moody.  Times like this, it's more important than ever to focus in the good and be grateful for all the blessings in life.
I Am Thankful For:
Waking up to slightly cooler temperatures
Noticing the first signs that the leaves are  starting to change
Getting some Starbucks with the Man of the House
Dark blue toenails
A big pot of chili on the first football Sunday of the season
Pie for dessert
Coffee, coffee, coffee
The Male Offspring running errands with me
Business is booming
The Man of the House flirting with me

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  1. Love my coffee, too...but only in the mornings....can't take in too much caffeine after around noonish! ;-) Flirting...what's that?!? ;-) Maybe you're still experiencing jet lag. I've never had it, but hear it can be terrible. HOPE you feel better and can enjoy the weekend. Love your gratitude posts!!! Happy Friday! (p.s..glad God's blessed your crochet business....that's awesome...He's so good!!!)

  2. Adore. Adore. Adore.
    I adore them all.
    Well, my polish is burgundy...and my chili is soup...
    But everything else is perfectly perfect!
    Have a cozy weekend!


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