Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

The first weekend of Autumn came and went in the barest blink of an eye.  At least the calendar says it was the first weekend of fall.  Someone forgot to tell the weather, which apparently thought it was still August and gave us temperatures near 90.  Ugh!  Despite the toasty temps, it was a beautiful and fun weekend.

Friday night was all about homemade pizza and hanging out with the family. Nice and quiet and relaxing!

Saturday, the Man of the House and I ran some errands early in the afternoon, then headed to Biltmore for the evening.  We started with a wine tasting and picked up a couple of new bottles for the house. Then enjoyed a stroll through the barn areas.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of roasted chicken, herbed potatoes, and blistered tomatoes at the Village Social (located in the hotel at Antler Hill Village)

I wish I had taken a picture of the seafood fondue we enjoyed as an appetizer, because it was YUM!!

Right now, on Fridy and Saturday evening there is live  music on the village green.  So, after dinner we settled into our camping chairs and enjoyed the sounds of "Flashback", the sunset, and each others company for the rest of the evening.

Sunday funday was amazingly lazy.  At least for me.  I did manage to package up two orders for the shop to ship out today.  And The Man of the House got in a round of golf in the morning.  Sunday afternoon was all about snacks and football.  (If you know us at all, you're thinking.. "of course").  Sadly, the Panthers lost.  Booooo... Hiss! Things just kind of fell apart in the second half.

A big pot of chili and the female offspring making gluten free cookie sandwiches made a nice finishing touch to the weekend.

I woke up today with a "Gettin' Things Done" attitude.  And a little sinus congestion, which is nothing new for me and my allergies.  Usually after being up for a little while the congestion improves.  Not today.  It continues to get worse, and is now accompanied by sneezing, stuffy feeling ears, a sinus headache, and a tickle in my throat.  Trying hard not to let that get me down and keep pecking away at my to do list.

Although I am going to attempt to convince the grandbaby that we should take a nap this afternoon.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Hope you're feeling better soon.


  2. HOPE by now you're feeling lots better. Thanks so much for linking up with us today. It seems a bit down today, but I think this crazy weather has a lot to do with it. Prayers for so many blogging friends near the coast. So scary. HOPE you have a great weekend, sweet Lady.


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