Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Goals and Intentions

Can I be real with y'all for a minute? April felt like it should be categorized in the "total bust" column.  I accomplished very few of my goals for the month.  And the ones I managed to check off did not happen in the intended time frame. Cue the game show "fail" sound: wah,wah, waaaaah.

But!  Moving on.  It's a new month.  With fresh intentions and new goals!  Out with the old and in with the new.  Today is a new day.  Put the past behind you.  (  insert cheesy motivational cliché here  )

My intention for May is to be focused.  This was a big problem in April.  I let my focus wander and got off track and off schedule too many times.  It's difficult to get things accomplished when that is happening. Stay focused on the task at hand.  Stay focused on the goal.

Which brings us to my May Goals:

Go to bed and wake up earlier:  I have been staying up later than usual.  Which leads to sleeping until I have to get up to get the male offspring to school.  This cuts into my morning quiet time and somehow makes my entire day feel a little off.  This could be part of the reason I have had trouble keeping focused.

Read more:  Going to bed later is also cutting into my normal reading time.  I need to watch less television and read more this month.  I am aiming to finish the book I am currently reading and read 2 more.

Mail graduation announcements:  Self explanatory.  Although maybe I should add the words "without getting teary" to the end of that.  Oh, who am I kidding?  That's gonna happen!  Bittersweet times.

Make time for fun:  May is looking to be a very busy month.  I want to be intentional about enjoying time with my loved ones.

What are some of your goals for the month of May?

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Currently, the Beginning of May

April has officially come and gone; and now we find ourselves in the first days of May.  I'm not gonna lie y'all - I am kinda freaking out about how quickly this year seems to be zooming by!

I Am Currently..

Reading:  I finished The Alchemist last week and started The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.  It's slow going and so far I'm just finding it to be a mediocre read.  Not caring much or feeling any connection with the main character yet.  Maybe that will change soon.

Eating:  Ginormous strawberries!  The last few packs of strawberries I have picked up have been huge berries.  We even had one that was the size of a small apple!

Working on:  Making smarter food choices and getting back into a healthier eating routine.

Enjoying:  Making plans with the Man of the House for some Spring and Summer fun together.

Anticipating:  The male offspring turning 18 later this month and graduating from high school next month

Thinking:  How quickly time flies.  One day your struggling to parent two young children and then in the blink of an eye you have two young adults in your life and even a grand baby!

Feeling:  Tired.  Very very tired.  Been staying up too late trying to catch up on work.  It's catching up with me.

What are you currently doing?

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I Wore: Week Two

Let's give it another go this week.  Not sure how long I can keep this up.  It could get repetitive quickly, as I tend to repeat outfits quite often. I might have to consider just highlighting one outfit per week.

Saturday:  Saturdays mean grocery shopping for myself and the Man of the House.  I selected a pair of skinnies with the cuffs flipped for a cropped look, a white tshirt and a lightweight teal and white drapey cardigan with a hoodie.

Sunday:  I'm going to be completely honest with you.  I knew I was going to spend all afternoon working on a shop order and binging on Netflix, so I didn't even try.  I spent the day in a pair of Carolina Panthers lounge pants and a black tshirt.  Because some days are just like that.

Monday:  The day called for a casual outfit: gray jersey tunic with an open back, a bright blue tank, and jeans

Tuesday:  The temperatures really started warming up, so I selected A red peasant top to wear with some denim pedal pushers.  Nice and breezy.

Wednesday:  Another day with the super casual theme, finding me in a lightweight knit tshirt with a white flowy cardigan and my favorite Banana Republic jeans (another $4 thrift store find!)

Thursday:  A cool morning warmed up into a warm day.  Time for layers.  I wore brown flared pants, a loose coral sleeveless top.  A brown silk-blend cardigan kept me warm in the morning, and was easily removed when the day got heated.

Friday:  The day of the week when you want to be comfortable and have a little fun!  A brown flowy skirt (one of my favorites - I've had it forever!), a cream top with gathers at the neckline, and my trusty denim shirt.  

The beautiful necklace pictured with Friday's outfit was made for me by my daughter. 

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Favorite Finds Friday: A little of this, and a little of that...

Welcome to another Friday y'all!

This week really has been a total blur.  I don't think i have taken more than a few minutes at a time to look up from my yarn and crochet hook!  Because of that there was no time to plan an actual theme for this week.  As a result, you are being treated to a fun little hodge podge of things I came across in my inbox throughout the week.  

I just love this succulents wreath tutorial I found in an email from  this week!  Will I ever get around to actually making it?  Probably not...  


This mug would make a fun little gift for your favorite. crocheter or knitter slash coffee lover,  wouldn't it?   All I know for sure I'd that it made me laugh!

I saw this sweater featured by another blogger earlier this week; and I just love everything about it - from the lightweight knit to the asymmetrical lines.  Gorgeous!


I am always fascinated when I find cool glass insulators in antique stores, but I never know what in the world I would do with them.  Until now!  Something like this would be so pretty for my mantel.  I may need to pick some up the next time I find myself in an antique shop.

Next week we'll talk about some last minute ideas for Mother's Day.  

What interesting things have you seen this week?

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Spirit of Gratitude: April 28


Lunch on the porch
Fresh berries
New birds at the feeder
Treating myself to Starbucks
The grandbaby playing along with Little Einstein
The Man of the House helping the grandbaby with his geode
The grandbaby wearing safety goggles
A smiling dog
Staying up late
The male offspring playing Go Fish with his nephew
A text that made me laugh
Preparing for the week
The Man of the House in a tie
The Man the House brought me chocolate
Having a/c to turn on when the Temps hit 80+ degrees in April
Spotting a wild turkey in the early morning
Grandbaby kisses

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Our family has this unusual activity of occasionally doing different food related challenges.  Some or all members have participated in eating hot peppers, eating "gross" or unusual foods, and playing Beanboozled.  We've had evenings where we each had to pick something we had never tried before for a tasting.  And we have have done a taste test with Miracle Berry tablets, which make bitter and sour foods taste sweet.

Some people would consider us a little crazy. (No argument) I like to think of it as stepping outside our culinary comfort zone.

Because of this, my youngest sister and her family introduced us to the Universal Yums subscription box.  Each month they send a box filled with snack foods from a different country.

April was our first month and spotlighted Poland.  The snacks varied from the not so tasty (onion chips) to the "I need to find out where I can get more of this!" (dark chocolate covered gingerbread)

These yummy milk chews were a hit with everyone participating in the tasting game.   I'm still not entirely sure what they were.  Some kind of fudge?  A soft caramel?

The chocolate covered cow cookies were interesting.  The cookie itself was not much to write home about.  Just a dry, crumbly butter cookie; but the chocolate helped perk them up a little.  Because... chocolate!

Over all, the Polish treats received thumbs ups.  Some more than others. 

 I wish I had thought to take more pictures. I'll try to remember for next month - which we're pretty sure is Greece. 

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