Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Sweet Hen House

It's completed! The Man of the House finished the chicken tractor on Saturday and moved it out into the yard. And I have to say it's pretty darn impressive!!  I love it, and I hope the chicks do too!


We were all ready for our newest family members to arrive!  We picked them up Sunday afternoon and brought them to their new home.  They seem to be settling in pretty well, so far. 

The three white hens are Ameraucanas and the black speckled ones are Dominiques.  We're already picking some names and seeing a little of their personalities.  The tiniest chick was immediately named Small Fry (or just "Fry" for short) by the Little Man.  And the smallest Ameraucana he named "Shelly".  I've started calling the largest Dominique "Miss Muffet" because she spends most of her time just sitting around.  And the middle Dominique has been named "Amelia", as in Earhart because she likes to fly all over the coop.  The two largest are still nameless.  The Princess has been given rights to decide what they shall be called.

They won't start laying until sometime this fall.  And I can't wait for all the lovely, fresh greenish/blueish and brown eggs!

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  1. Chris is one talented man! Nice work on the chicken tractor!!


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