Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Face on Fire - Part 3: Return of the Rash

Although I suppose if you want to be perfectly technical about it - it is actually Part 4.  And it's getting ridiculous!  This rash is like Jason, or Freddy, or Michael Myers.  You can never think it's dead and turn your back on it to take a deep breath, because it will suddenly rise up and appear over your shoulder.  And even when you think it's really, truly dead and gone and over - there is probably going to be a sequel.

This weekend the Evil Itchy Redness reappeared.  Again.  The only good part of this episode is that it did not so much involve the face this time around.  It rather focused its attention around the neck, shoulder, and chest area.  The bad part is that this was the worst itch I have experienced so far with this phenomenon.

I knew how to battle the enemy this time.  And since I refuse, absolutely REFUSE to go on yet another round of Prednisone - it was back to the Benedryl, Zyrtec, Zantac cocktail and the cream/ointment routine that has helped clear up the previous 3 eruptions. 

It's getting quite annoying really.  All these antihistamines are interfering with my nightly glass of wine.  It seems completely unfair.  I'm itchy. I'm annoyed.  And I can't even have a lovely sip of the vine to take the edge off.  How much is a lady supposed to put up with?  Geez...

So, the current news is that the rash once again appears to be clearing up.  But...  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Face on Fire"

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  1. Darn Beckey that sounds bad...hope you figure out what is causing it...the chickens maybe? :D


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