Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Us Chickens

The girls have settled into thier new home quite nicely.  We've started letting them out to do a little free-ranging in the evenings just before sunset.  It's quite amusing to watch them run around doing thier thing.  Picking at every little bug that crosses thier path.  Spreading thier wings.  Re-inforcing the pecking order.  Chicken sort of stuff.

One thing no one tells you is how difficult it is to get decent pictures of chickens.  Small children and dogs have nothing on these ladies.  Just when you think they are still and you have a good shot - they turn away or run off.  They must be camera shy.

Svetlana, Medusa, and Shelly




Shelly and Miss Muffett

Amelia and Small Fry (aka: Fry)

Small Fry

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