Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Not Buying It...

Nice try, Hershey's.  Sneaky.  But I'm on to you. 

Have you seen what they're trying to pull?  This creation they call the Air Delight.  Available in bars and kisses. 

They say the idea is that the products are full of light airy "chocolate bubbles".  What it amounts to is that they have taken some of the chocolate out of my chocolate and replaced it with pockets of air!  AIR!
Oh no.. I am not falling for this one.  If I want air, I have that around me all day long.  For free.  It's not sweet.  Air is not creamy.  Air is not delicious.  Air never got me through a PMS craving.  What lame brain would rather have air than chocolate?  Of course I realize that air has it's place and purpose.  It's extremely important to life here on earth.  But not in my chocolate treats. 

Give me my chocolate bar and my chocolate kisses full of... Chocolate!!


  1. Airy chocolate? Isn't that the stuff in a Three Musketeers bar? I don't want air in my chocolate either

  2. Exactly why I hate 3 takes ten of em to feel like I've had one...give me my dense, dark chocolate any day of the week. :D


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