Thursday, September 22, 2011

No One Can Resist My Schweddy Balls

The Princess came home the other night and proudly held up her newest find.  Which immediately caused me to squeal "NO way!" and start laughing.  What was it you ask?  The newest creation by those geniuses of the frozen treat - Ben & Jerry.


Yes!  Schweddy Balls ice cream!!  "Vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge covered rum and malt balls" 

Not sure exactly what a "Schweddy Ball" is, or why this is so, SO darn funny to me?  Be sure to check out my previous post - "Schweddy Balls"  This comes from what may be my very favorite Saturday Night Live skit Ever! 

One more reason to love Ben&Jerry.  As if Karamel Sutra and Everything but the Kitchen Sink weren't enough.

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