Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Time to Sew, And a Time to Reap (or something like that)

It's time.  I know it.  I've been feeling the pull and bouncing the idea in my head for a while.  It's time for action.  It's time to nurture my creative side.  To give myself an outlet from the grind of my day job.  And maybe even an "out" from the day job if things go well. 

I've been a crocheting machine for the past months.  Recently I have been hooking out gifts for family and friends for Christmas, birthdays, new babies, etc.  Scarves, tote/craft bags, baby sweater and bib sets. And I always get many compliments and raves over them.  I enjoy doing it.  The work is soothing to me.  And it gives me something to do with my hands while I watch TV, or even attend meetings and trainings at work. 

It wasn't until someone I had given a ruffled scarf to for Christmas said to me "Everyone loves my scarf and keeps asking where I got it!"  that it occurred to me.  Why NOT make some money doing something I enjoy??  Seems like such a simple, logical idea.  And yet, overwhelming at the same time.

As I was sitting on this idea, mulling it over and praying on it - a few things kept pointing me in that direction.  One day, after spending much time wondering how I would even go about this venture or get started I stopped to check the mail and pulled out a magazine with the cover feature "Fun craft ideas, PLUS how to turn them into cash".  Stopped me in my tracks!  Not long after that, I finally realized that I have a friend who owns a consignment store.  I talked to him about test marketing a few items for me see what sort of interest there is in them.

So, here I am...

I'm ready to look into finding a website where I can set up to sell my items.  Once that's done, I want to make up some cards or tags.  Then continue giving some of my work as gifts, of course including a few of the cards so when the item is complimented a card can be given to point the interested person to where they can get one of their very own.   And of course, I need a little free time to whip out some samples.  And a little extra cash to invest into yarn and notions.

The plan is starting to come together.  And to be quite honest - I am scared to death!!


  1. I've been in your shoes airbrush hobby turned into handpainted women's clothing and accessories, catalog work with a beltmaker, and about 13 employees, 4 sales reps and 600 stores at high tide. It served me well until I grew up decided I wanted to be a nurse. :D Good luck! Your work is well worth marketing. xo

    1. Thanx Cath! I appreciate the support!


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