Friday, February 3, 2012

Featuring... ME!!

YIPPEE!!  WOWZA!  (Yeh, I said "wowza".  Sue me.) 

I received a most exciting email today!  My "The Endless To Be Read Pile" post is  is being added as a featured member post in the Books topic on today!! 

I'm a featured blogger!!  Who ever would have thought it? 

My little pointless ramblings might be featured somewhere, someday.  This is HUGE for me!  Oh sure - for some a simple feature post on a blogging website might not be that big of a deal.  Maybe for some published writers it's just a thing.  But for me, this is a big, big ego boost!  I feel like some one took notice and felt one of my posts was good enough to feature. 

I love this feeling!!  Thanks !!  :)


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