Saturday, March 31, 2012

Busy Saturday

Today has been a busy one.  One of those Saturdays for getting chores done and things accomplished.  It didn't exactly start out that way.  I was pretty lazy for most of the morning.  Enjoying some coffee, some time with the grandkid, some doing nothing.  Then I got to work.

I laundered the sheets and remade the bed.

I have done several loads of laundry - hung on the line to dry out in the fresh air and sunshine.

I have cleaned up the kitchen.

I have rinsed down the chicken house and helped The Man of the House move it to a new location.  Also cleaned out their water and food dispensers, and refilled them.

I weeded out the flower bed.

I considered transplanting the Irises growing next to the garage to somewhere they will be more visible.

I have straightened and reorganized the pantry and storage closet. 

I have cleaned the main bathroom.

Yep, it's been a good day so far.  Now I am headed to fold some of that laundry. (Which is the worst part of any laundry day in my opinion), consider our veggie planting options, start a list of things  I want to get done around here this spring/summer, and hopefully still have some time left in the day to do some crochet and read a little. 

Happy weekend!

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