Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude: December 4


Christmas lights

Realizing the grand baby was sampling the pumpkin pie

Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Leftover pumpkin pie
Christmas carols on the radio
Foggy mountains

Seeing this on the neighbors roof:
Yes, that is a giant rubber duckie wearing a Santa hat

Online shopping for Christmas gifts
Text messages from my niece

Silly things that make me laugh (and gross me out a little)
I am very sure I did not want to purchase that fourth item!!
Rice Krispy treats
The grand baby saying "I love you,  Oma"
Having almost all of my shopping done during the first week of December

Our new Elf on the Shelf

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  1. I love your gratitude list...especially the "i love you, Oma" one. Being a grandma I can relate. :) Have a great weekend, Beckey.

  2. Your lists always make me smile! I cracked up at the receipt. :) The sampled pie is priceless. I love that your sweetie says "I love you". Melt my heart!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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