Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Last Back to School

Yesterday was the official start of the school year for our county.  And while every first day of school is bittersweet in its own way - this year was a little more so for me.

You see, this was the very last back to school day for our family.  My "baby" boy began his senior year of high school this week.

I know parents say it all the time - but the time Really. Does. Fly.

It doesn't seem possible that it was an entire 12 years ago I was taking that sweet little boy to his first day of kindergarten. But it's true.  The years have passed. Just as they always will.

He's a young man now (who still mostly acts like a kid).  Somehow he has managed to get older, while I'm pretty sure I have stayed the same. He has gone from that little guy with the pinchable cheeks to the one towering over me with his scruffy sideburns. 

Oh sure, there will still be "back to school" days of a sort as he moves on to college in future years.  But in a more real way - this was the last.  The end of an era.  Marking the start of a year which will be filled with endings and beginnings.  For all of us.

And while I am so very excited to see what the near and distant future holds for him, you will have to forgive me if I take a moment to pause and indulge in a little mommy nostalgia.  As I wipe a tear away so I can more clearly see him continue to grow and mature and move forward with life
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  1. Oh, Momma....I so understand your heart in this season of your life. You'll be sending a grandbaby off to school before you know it. Time really does fly.

  2. Hugs! I teared up reading this. My baby is only in second grade but man oh man shouldn't she still be her brother's age?!?!!

  3. What an exciting school year for you! All the best to your son!


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