Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Reality of Work

Everyone in our home has chores to do.  From doing dishes, to cleaning bathrooms, to vacuuming, mowing the grass or helping in the garden.  Everyone is expected to do something.

It helps keep things running smoothly.  Keeps things nice and tidy and moving along smoothly.

Why should I expect my life as a daughter of God to be any different?

He gives me daily tasks.  He makes me a part of His plans.  Not because I have to earn His love, acceptance or approval by doing things for Him.  But because as part of the church family I should work to help keep things in order. To keep His kingdom running smoothly.  To care for this home He has given me.
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  1. This reminds of me of the Steven Curtis Chapman song...that just slipped my brain eeeeekkkkkk! But he speaks of doing every little thing we must do each day to the honor of God. Love it!


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