Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Reality of a Three Day Weekend

The celebrated three day weekend.  It's great.  No question about it.  An extra day to sleep in and ignore the alarm clocks, schedules and demands of the typical week day.

But there's also a dark side...  it messes with the whole rest of the week.

Monday feels like a Sunday.  Which is all well and good.  Then comes Tuesday.  And Tuesday will be disguised as a Monday all day long. Which is not so well and good.

Looks like a Monday. ..

Maybe, just maybe, by Thursday the days will be sorted out and begin to feel like themselves again.  But that doesn't always happen.

Sometimes they continue to leave me out of sorts until, suddenly, the weekend appears again. Which is kind of nice because then the weekend is almost like a happy surprise.  Sneaking up on you after Friday spent all day feeling like a Thursday.  As if you've skipped Friday all together.
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  1. Oh, my word, I know exactly what you mean. I cannot believe that today is Wednesday already....because yesterday was just Monday!!! ;) I WILL NOT blame this confusion on my age! No sirree!!! LOL HOPE you have a good.....let's just say day! ha! ha!


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