Monday, November 30, 2015

Good-bye, November

Just about a month ago I was looking forward to my birthday, anticipating celebrating another anniversary with the Man of the House, and Thanksgiving was still weeks and weeks away.

Now, here we are at the last day of the month.  Time. Does. Fly.

November was a good month.  Full of blessings and things to be grateful for as I pursued my November Gratitude Challenge.

My birthday celebration lasted a full weekend, with dinners and lunches and a trip to the River Arts District in Asheville for a couple of lovely locally produced pottery pieces.

Not to mention all the moist, rich red velvet cake I enjoyed!  My family made me feel very loved and special.

The Man and I got away for a couple of nights mid-month when he had a softball tournament out of town.  I've already shared on that HERE, so I won't make you shift through all the details again.  (If you missed it before, please take a moment to read and enjoy that post!)

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I had the joy of celebrating 23 years of marriage to the Man of the House.  Speaking of time flying!  23 years goes by much quicker than I could have ever imagined! What's the old saying?  Time flies when you're having fun?  Yep!

We treated ourselves to annual passes to the Biltmore Estate where we spent the day enjoying the estate all decked out for Christmas, a wine tasting and had a delicious dinner at Deer Park.

We spent the night at the lovely Grande Bohemian hotel in Biltmore Village.  (To everyone who made our anniversary weekend special - a HUGE thank you!!)

Thanksgiving was the usual hustle and bustle with a house full of family.  Along with all the good (and some not so good) times that is expected to involve.  The Man of the House smoked the turkey - which was completely wonderful!

We're still eating leftovers around here.  And so far no one is complaining.  Although I am sad that all the pumpkin pie is gone.

And that was November.  Which brings go us to...

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  1. Congratulations! You have been having a blast, keep letting the good times roll!


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