Monday, December 28, 2015

The End is Near

Well, here we are. Christmas of 2015 is a thing of the past.  This year has certainly flown by, hasn't it?  I have to admit it hasn't been a stellar year for blogging.  I have plans to be better in 2016.  (Better is going to be a big thing next year - stay tuned for that!)

I can't say for sure that I won't be blogging anything between now and the end of the year.  But just in case that's how it ends up happening:

Happy New Year!!  God bless!

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Ms. Beckey. HOPE 2016 is full of lots of sweet blessings for you and your family! I'm so grateful for our friendship!

    1. Thank you Mrs Deb! Happy new year to you and yours!

  2. Hope your Christmas was very special and here's to a great New Year!

    1. Thank you Robin! Christmas was wonderful and I am looking forward to 2016!


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