Friday, April 13, 2012

Make That 6 Things

Six things I would really, really like to find.  I thought of something to add to the list:

1) A pair of jeans that fit
2) Underwear that fit.
3) A good (and simple) bread recipe
4) Time to sit down and really get lost in a book
5) Scissors that run on some sort of motor


6) A really good peanut butter substitute! 

Ever since discovering the potential allergy, all things peanutty have been off limits.  Now, it's bad enough I can't have even a Reese's cup, or fries from certain places because they are cooked in peanut oil.  But y'all... I miss my peanut butter sandwiches most of all!  (yes - I said "y'all".  I live in the south, get past it) 

Those stick to the roof of your mouth tasties have been a big part of my personal diet since my elementary school days when they made regular appearances in my lunchbox.  (Holly Hobby if you must know)  And some days not even coffee could get my day started the way a piece of peanut butter toast could.  Now, there are some days I just crave a good peace of peanut butter toast, or a peanut butter sandwich.  Not just in a "man, I sure would like a peanut butter and banana sandwich".  But more like in a - it's all I can think about, I want one so badly I can actually almost taste it - sort of way.  I miss a good pb&j so, so much.  It's just sad.

The Man of the House keeps pointing out products such as soy butter and almond butter to me.  But honestly, I'm just scared.  I don't want to purchase a jar of something to replace my peanut butter and find it's actually a jar of crap.  I don't like crap.  And I'm pretty sure a c&j sandwich would not do it for me. 

So, if anyone out there with a peanut allergy, or a peanut allergy stricken loved one, has a suggestion to share of a delicious peanut butter substitute that will actually trick my taste buds into believing I am enjoying my much missed peanut butter - please, Please, PLEASE let me know!


  1. I've got #6 covered... SunButter. It's sunflower seeds and OMG is it delicious! Don't fear it, try it. You will not be sorry, I promise!

  2. Yah!! Going to look for it the next time I hit the stores! Thank you!!!


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