Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOT A Hard Boiled Egg

Perhaps someone did it on purpose because they thought it would be funny. 

Or maybe the carton currently being filled was topped out and someone was just too lazy to get out another one, so they just found the first carton with an empty space and use it. 

Maybe someone just didn't care which was the freshest, currently being filled carton and just grabbed one and stuck an egg into it. 

Whatever the circumstances were, they led to this.

This morning, I pulled out my stash of hard boiled eggs to shell a couple of them for my breakfast.  The first one cracked as usual and peeled easily.  The second cracked easily - and began to seep raw egg all over my fingers and the napkin I was peeling over.  That was NOT a hard boiled egg. 

To say the least - it took me by surprise.  To be more accurate, I was frustrated and annoyed due to a) the waste of a perfectly good egg, and b) having to clean up the mess. 

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