Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Birthday Story

Once upon a time...

there was a beautiful little baby girl.  She had big blue eyes, blond hair with curls at the ends, and a laugh that could brighten up any day.  She was loved by her parents, grandparents, and various aunts and uncles.

The little girl grew, and grew, and grew. 

 She was funny.  

She was smart. 

She was creative.  

She was kind.

She had a bit of a smart-aleck attitude (which I'm sure she got from her father.)

One day her mother looked at her and realized that the beautiful little girl wasn't a little girl anymore.  She was all grown up.  

She became a mommy, with a beautiful baby boy of her own. 

She is still funny.  She is still smart.  She is still creative.  She is still kind. 

She was also still a bit of a smart-aleck.  (you can't fight genetics)


  1. Such a sweet birthday story and so true!!

  2. Love it! and the love "princess" so much!! Hope she had a fabulous birthday!!

  3. aren't daughters the most marvelous creatures? I am blessed with two beautiful women I call daughter... :D


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