Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reality Rewind: Long Overdue

Revisiting a favorite post from the past... Enjoy!

I'm pretty sure the local library hates me.  They probably cringe when they see me heading toward the checkout desk, or see that a book I requested if available for me to take home. 

This is because it is a rare occurrence that I get books returned to them by the actual due date.  Usually I'm at least a few days late getting them back.  It's not even a rare occurrence for the items to be a week or two overdue before I get around to returning them. 

I'm not proud of this.  It's just a fact. 

If I could limit myself in the number of books I allow myself to check out at one time - that might help.  Or if I remembered to keep track of the little receipt they give letting you know when each book is due.  Or if I took advantage of the email or text alerts they provide to remind you that the due date is approaching.  Heck... there's no real good reason why I should be so late all the time.

On second thought - maybe they don't hate me.  It's entirely possible that all my overdue fines have helped keep the library up and running for all these years.  I've certainly paid plenty of them.  I think there was one time I may have been able to buy the paperback copy of the book for less than I paid in late fees.  Probably more than once.  Come to think of it, at this point there should maybe be a new wing named after me!  (Or at the very least, a shelf!)

Originally posted June 26, 2012:

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  1. I receive reminders by email and still manage to forget to return a book or two on time.


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