Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Even If It Looks Like a Mess

If you had come into my office back in the days when I was working with WIC, you would like have seen piles of papers , folders, binders and files all over my desk.  There might have been post it notes stuck on some of the piles, along with a few tacked to the front of my computer screen.  A book or binder may have been lying open on one corner of the desk.
To you it seemed random and unrelated.  It might even look like one big mess.

But to me it all made sense. 

I could see the bigger picture.  I knew my plan, and everything was there for a reason to help get a goal accomplished.

It’s like that with life also.

When we look at life, it may seem like a long string of random events.  Some may seem like they are related - one leading to the other.  But much of it just seems like those piles of papers on my desk - a scattering of stories, events,  and memories.   And some of it just seems like a total mess

To God, it all makes sense. 

He has a plan.  Like a puzzle.  Each piece fitting together to create the bigger picture.

All of the highs and lows.  The good times and not so good.  Yes, even the messes.  God takes all of them and fits them together to reach His eternal goal. 


  1. Absolutely love this post. Our lives have been one big "mess" the past couple of years....but it's all leading to whet gives Him the honor and glory. Great analogy about the messy desk.

  2. I am so glad God uses our messes!

  3. Like this blog post a lot! And oh how true it is! (New follower from Into the Word Wednesdays)


  4. Reminds me of the phrase "organized chaos." I say the same thing about my office at work. :) It may look bad, but it all has purpose and is there for a reason. The flow and the precision of the grand scheme of things outrank tidiness sometimes. Great parallel, Becky! Huge hugs to you, sister!

  5. Love this post! I definitely needed to read this.

  6. Love this post and love that quote. God is the writer of the plan, so I may not always see the full picture, but if I trust HIm, it always works out. Visiting from Fave Friday with MBBL

  7. I totally agree with this. God puts us through things to teach us patience. I can tell you that some things I have gone through has definitely taught me that. I also agree that these are also a set up for the bigger picture, just like you said! Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. You're making total sense to me. Total sense! Loved this post too.


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