Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Back

It's been over a week since we returned from vacation.  Nine days to be exact.

And in that 9 days I have managed to write exactly zero blog posts.

The week before vacation, I was a writing machine.  Completing some long neglected drafts.  Creating selections from all new ideas.  The words just seemed to flow from my fingertips.  I had enough posts written and scheduled that most days while I was away there was a fresh shiny new something for all of you to read.

However, now it seems as though all my creativity slipped away into the waters of Lake Murray.  Or perhaps baked away in the South Carolina sun. 

Since returning home, I haven't had the spark to sit down at the computer and put my thoughts into print.  Not a one.  I have picture, upon picture, upon picture from our week away which should be included in a write up or two about our get away. 

I'm starting to have a few tiny little fleeting moments of inspiration.  So, hopefully all of that will be changing soon. 

Vacation is over.  It's time to get back.  To everything.

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