Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leap of Faith

The grand baby loves to jump.  He will climb onto the couch... or the ottoman... or the stairs... or the bed, then he will turn around, and just leap into your arms. Often with a squeal or a laugh.

There is no hesitation, no pause to see if you are prepared, no hint of fear in his little blue eyes, no doubt.  Just joy at the leap.  Trusting that you will be there to catch him and not let him fall.

Oh friends... isn't that exactly how our Lord wants us to trust Him?

To leap out into His arms with a laugh.  

To jump right into the plans He has prepared for us with joyful abandon. 

Trusting Him completely.
Pushing past any fear.
No doubt.
No hesitation.
Fully believing that He will be there to catch us and keep us from harm.

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