Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Slow Thaw

There is one word for how the weather has been around these parts for the past week or so:  Brrrrr!

Yesterday we had sleet and freezing rain to deal with.  Which is no fun!  I personally would rather have several inches of snow than a glaze of ice any day.

Fortunately, through the grace of God, the ice wasn't enough to cause a power outage, and didn't stick around very long.

Today the temperatures are actually above freezing.  And we are expecting 60s (Fahrenheit) for the weekend.  A chance to thaw out and warm up!

Don't count old man winter down and out just yet though.  Around here a snow or ice storm can happen well into April.  And the biggest blizzard in memory took place in the middle of March.

At this point in my life I've learned to just go with it.  It's the weather.  Whatever is gonna happen, is gonna happen.

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  1. We have plenty of snow and I am willing to share, giggling. FREE FOR ALL, LOL. Nope, don't count out winter yet, here, in western NY--winter lasts until May. Sigh....

    Have a beautiful day regardless...

  2. I know there's nothing we can do about the weather...out of our hands...but I just don't cope well with the long, cold gray days. Boo!!!

  3. Exactly, weather is something we can not control, so just roll with it!


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