Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Water, Water... Everywhere!

What is with me and water this week?

It began late yesterday morning.  I went downstairs to the laundry room, and heard the sound of running water coming from the garage.  I opened the door expecting to perhaps see a leaking pipe.  Nope.  Instead there was water pouring from the bottom of the hot water heater!  Not so slowly creating a small lake on the garage floor.  I managed to quickly shut off the valve and slow the fountain which used to be a water tank.  And the Man of the House came home at lunch to assess the situation.

Long story short, we need a new water heater.  No surprise there if you saw what was happening.

Bad news - the warranty expired (I kid you not) 2 months ago.  Seriously!  Two months!

Good news - at least it leaked onto a concrete floor, so there's not a lot that can be damaged there.

More bad news - that means we now we have no hot water for a few days until the new unit can be installed.

BUT, more good news - because when our house was built the downstairs was set up as a separate "mother in law suite" type thing, it has its own water heater.  So we can at least use the shower down there to keep ourselves clean.

However, as quaintly charming as I find it to heat water on the stove for washing dishes (ahem...)  - it is not something I want to do a whole, whole lot of. Desperate times call for disposable products.

Which meant I had to make a run to the store this morning during this:

More pouring water!!

Yep.  I'm about ready for an ark right now!

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  1. Oh no, been there, done that about the water heater...ugh---hope you get it fixed soon. Oh, it was monsoonal here yesterday, in NY as well...I stepped off the bus into a huge flood---I mean puddle---not feet were wet all day...perhaps I really need to invest in good rain boots...sigh.

    Have a beautiful day, regardless of the water heater and weather.

  2. Oh, my...bless your heart. It's great that you still have hot water, though...well, at least in a part of the house! We had lots of rain here, too! HOPE it gets fixed soon.

  3. Ugh! I know that feeling! I'm sorry...
    But glad there was minimal damage.
    So nice to meet you!!
    And have a cozy...dry...weekend. : )

  4. Thank goodness for that in-law suite. Hope everything works out well!

  5. I am really sorry for the damage the rains have done to your house. You are not alone. I have read terrible things that these heavy rains have done to several houses. It is heart-wrenching. Even though the damage to your water heater is annoying and inconveniencing, at least you can still get some good hot shower. The rest of the damage can be fixed later.

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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