Monday, February 22, 2016

The Morning of the Naked Trees

One morning last week, as I drove back from taking the male offspring to the bus stop, I was struck by the outline of the winter bare trees against the deep blue of the just-before-sunrise sky.

I have written before about my infatuation with the simple beauty of "naked" trees.  On that particular morning it was almost strong enough to make me want to dig out a long neglected sketchpad, some pastels, and an artist's pen to see if I could recreate something which might come somewhat close to resembling the view I was enjoying.


It did cause me to stop my car in the middle of our road to snap a few photos with my phone.

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  1. I love the pictures God paints for us....even beautiful naked trees.

  2. I love barren trees!!!!!
    I have two large prints in my kitchen.
    Something about them...just makes me feel cozy.
    Have a cozy evening!
    Beautiful shots!

  3. I also like naked trees...plenty of those here, wink. Have a beautiful day.


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