Monday, March 14, 2016

Mother - Daughter Time

Last weekend the female offspring and I had a girl's day out to the Biltmore Estate.  The original plan was for us to take my mom for her birthday.  But, she decided to go to visit my sister in Atlanta; and once I realized that my passes expired after this weekend, the female offspring and I decided to go ahead by ourselves and make a day of it.

We were especially excited to learn you can now take non-flash photography inside the home now with your phones and small cameras.  Previously this has been a BIG no-no.

The estate currently has a "Fashionable Romance" exhibit, with costumes from several movies on display throughout the house.

It was so much fun to see all the wedding dresses, gown, and outfits from the movies.

The house itself was also decorated for the event with gorgeous floral displays.

We spent our entire afternoon gawking at costumes from various historical eras, snapping photos, enjoying a wine tasting, and the gorgeous views around the property.

It was nice to spend a pleasant afternoon enjoying the company of my girl in such a beautiful setting!  I hope we get more mother/daughter time like this again soon.


  1. {{wailing--well..not really, wink} I love Biltmore...thank you for the happy memories. Have a beautiful week ahead. Blessings

  2. Gorgeous!
    What an amazing day! : )

  3. I've only been to Biltmore once, but would really like to go again. What fun spending time with your girl. I went thrift store shopping with ours Saturday!!!


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