Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Like

I know it's not officially Spring for another couple of weeks.  But today is one of those days that tries to fool you into thinking Winter is over.  You know those days, right?

Sunny.  Bright blue sky.  Temperatures in the upper 60s.  A bit breezey.

The grand baby and I ate our lunch on the back porch today.  He enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich and pretzels with a juice box.  I had a sliced apple, a clementine and some walnuts.

It's been so nice; we're still here.  He's playing with bubbles while I write this on my tablet.

Hoping we have many more days like this before the heat of summer sets in, chasing us back inside.


  1. Spring days and outside lunches?

  2. It was a gorgeous day here, too....almost "hot" when I worked to clean out the truck. Looking forward to more spring-time days, although we're expecting rain on Sunday. Your grand-boy is adorable.


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